Mother’s Day; Kenyan celebrities honour their mothers with heartwarming messages

Mother’s Day is an occasion that is celebrated in various parts of the world to express respect, honor, and love towards mothers. The day is an event to honor the contribution of mothers, acknowledge the efforts of maternal bonds, and the role of mothers in our society. It is a day that makes people remember the importance and significance of mothers in their life and is observed as a day to give special emphasis to the motherly figures around the world.

Across the social pages of various Kenyan celebrities, it is evident that mothers bear a special place in our hearts and lives. Kenyan celebrities marked the celebration of “Mothers Day” by celebrating their own parents, spouses who have mothered their children or themselves for the tremendous skill of motherhood that comes with a balance of ups and downs. Here is how some of them expressed their profound love and admiration to their mothers or motherly figures.


Victoria Rubadiri (right),her daughter Neema(middle) and her mother(left)

The Tv siren proudly showed off her mother and teenage daughter on her Instagram and claimed them with a beautiful family selfie.

Three generations right here. The woman who gave me life, shaped it and even to this day guides it. My mini-me who is more than holding her own at 15 years old. I’m so proud to call them mine. Here’s to motherhood, love and life. Happy Mother’s Day💐


Lilian and her mother.

The new’s anchor suggested in her post that her mother is definitely “goals” because of her sense of style, looks, and fashion. Lilian posted a sweet selfie of herself and her mother and they share some hints of resemblance. She finished off her heartwarming caption by referring to her parent as her “to go” person meaning confidant.

My mama is goals & Lanes…she has dreds; she is beautiful, smart and super stylish and is my go to person with my daily stories about this and that. I Love you mummy. Happy Mothers Day.




Maureen with her sons Lexxi and Kai.

Women who also raise their children singlehandedly also embraced their motherhood skills to their followers by wishing themselves a happy mother’s day. Maureen Waititu who is a mother to two handsome boys shared a photograph of herself with her two sons as a happy family of three. In a lengthy caption, She wished her fellow mothers the same and thanked the Almighty for everything.

Oh my! Happy Mother’s Day to all mamas!👑🎂 This got to be the other happiest day of my life just after my birthday and I am filled with so much gratitude to have these two little ones call me mama! Oh the joy in my heart! 🥰💞💕. Allow me to tell you a little about these two tiny guys. Lexi is my protector, the boy who compliments me on a daily basis (I mean he says you look like a princess 👑, pretty like mommy 😭, I like your hair 🤧) and Kai, oh baby Kai! He’s always smiling as seen in this photo! He loves dancing and he’s been saying cute little words like Teetuu-thank you, paya-pacifier, tata-water laluuu-I love you! But the way he calls me Mami! That is priceless! He also eats EVERYTHING! And I mean EVERYTHING! But chicken is his favorite meal and just before his 11am nap, he is usually on his 5th snack and a bottle of milk! This is one is my rainbow, glitters and everything good! Special dedication to mama boys especially those who are doing it alone.

Happy Happy Mother’s day all and may God bless your journey abundantly! 🎈🤰🤶🤱👩‍👦‍👦



The voluptuous socialite celebrated her mother with a catchy and beautiful mother who is an epitome of beauty like herself. Vera referred her mother as the ”best mother in the world” and she has so much love for her.

Vera Sidika’s mother



The former Kiss 100 radio host took to Instagram to wish his mother a  happy mother’s day alongside her elegantly posed photo captioned with a loving message. He expressed how he loves his mother beyond measure and how much of a treasure she is to him and his siblings.

Shaffie’s mum.

My Mother’s 1st LOVE is the LOVE 4 her Kids! #TheRaverend included! 2nd she loves posing for photos! Every single time we have a family meet or get together trust me everyone must take a picture! Happy Mother’s Day Nana Arafa 🤗❤️. You’re loved beyond measure, celebrated beyond boundaries and treasured beyond your wildest thoughts and dreams. Happy Special Mothers Day Mummy en All Moms 4 always inspiring the next generation….🙏🏽


The beautiful and young singer posted a cute photo of her son Naseeb Junior. She gushed on how her little one is growing up very fast and she carries a lot of pride being called his mother.Tanasha also mentioned the desirable character traits she wishes her son to grow with like humility , success, and kindness. She additionally thanked her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz for blessing her with their son Naseeb.

Naseeb Junior,Tanasha’s son.

My lil big brown eyes growing so fast. Te amo siempre mi amor. ❤️ I am super proud to be your mother, you make me a better person by the day. I pray to God that you grow up to be positive, humble, successful, kind & most importantly God Fearing. I thank your father for blessing me with you as well… My baby NJ 🥰 I will always love you & do everything in my power to protect you… ❤️🙏🏽 HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL MOTHERS IN THE WORLD. 🥰🙏🏽


The beautiful afro-pop singer celebrated her beautiful mother by wishing all mothers and motherly figures a happy mother’s day and hinted a mother’s prayers are important for success and well-being.

Victoria Kimani and her beautiful mother.

Happy Mother’s Day 💎 To all of the amazing Mom’s out there 💐 Finish the sentence …. If it were not for Mom’s prayers_______________❤️

The popular comedian thanked his wife Celestine Ndinda for doing a great job in raising their son Tugi by being the best mother he would ever ask for and were it not for the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19, they would be having a great family time across the country courtesy of Bountiful Safaris.
Comedian Njugush and his family.
Thanks for being the best mum Tugi would ever ask for!!!! We will always be there for you… Aki ispokua ni hii covid Leo ingekubambia Samburu…. You know how @bountifulsafaris travels come through… But there is a time for everything….. And you’ve done your part with Tugi, it doesn’t come with a manual but see how this small, jobless and formless human being(this one mimi hushuku alihepa bibi na watoto akuje aishi na sisi kama mtoto, he is not a child this one) living with us adores you….. Sasa wacha alale nikushukuru Mamake juu Ata wewe unaona hatuwezi toka Nairobi. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Concept World Infinity wishes every mother and motherly figures around the world a Happy Mother’s Day.We celebrate you and all your efforts in upbringing.