The accolades humbled him and made him smile. He had never received a standing ovation and this one had humbled him. He had called his mother to share the good with her and she too was very proud of her son. He was home as long as there was music. Music is food for the soul, heals and speaks to us in a way that no one can understand. He wanted to do more, pour his heart and soul into music and tell stories through this very tool. He wanted his next piece to be special and elaborately written. He had received so many offers since the opera but had declined most of them. His heart was not quite there, something was missing.

Then he received this one request. He had declined so many offers and most people did not understand why. Yet this one request had him smiling, the kind of smile that warms the heart. Music for him was more than sounds, it involved more than that. Maria had written to him expressing her need to hold a charity event to help support needy children. Her request was to Marcus to compose a piece that resonated with their story. This was a story filled with pain and tears because she had seen how special children had been shunned by the society. She wanted an original piece, one that told the stories of the children, one that the guests would enjoy and also push them to give towards the Foundation she dedicated her life to.

Marcus had a soft spot for children and he was already smiling half way onto the meeting.  He already had several thoughts at the back of his head. That night when he got home, he sat at his study table and started putting his thoughts down on paper. He had a few good ideas and as he penned them down, he could not help but smile. He must have worked through the night because the next time he looked up; he noticed the sun rising from his penthouse window. He looked through his work again and he was pleased with what he had composed.

He sent it to Maria to have a look and share her thoughts. He took a power nap, woke up, refreshed and checked his mail. Maria had written back and it in part read; ‘Not only do I love the arrangement, I love the way you have incorporated a touch of soul, urban hits and pop into the music, can’t wait to listen to the final arrangement’.

While having brunch, he called his brother to let him know of this particular piece that he would be working on and requested that he dresses the entire team for the evening. Mark was a fashion designer and Marcus thought, why not have him dress the musicians for the evening.

Over the next couple of weeks, Marcus would spend time with his performers rehearsing for the charity event. Maria would pop in every so often to listen in and ask whether they needed anything. A week to the event, Marcus together with his performers had finished the work. A wardrobe fitting and last minute preparation at the opera and the place was ready for the big night. Maria was excited, she to loved music and could not wait for the big night. Marcus had carefully arranged this piece, it was sentimental for him and he poured his heart and soul to it. This was a special piece for him, written in love, for love, for the greater good.

Two hours to the show, Maria and Marcus were at the venue to ensure that everything was ready for the big night. The podium well arranged, dinner tables perfectly set up and the guest list slotted accordingly. Everything was in place, instruments, guests and guests were starting to trickle into the venue. Cocktails served at the entrance and photos taken at one end. The night was well under way and everything was falling into place.

The show stared at 1900 hours with an introduction and acknowledgement of the guests. Maria was happy with the turn out. All her invitations had been honored and people were enjoying the show. Music in between as dinner was served and mingling of guests. The emcee was doing a fantastic job ensuring that the guests were well engaged.  Dessert serving was done at the tables by the stewards. Soft music playing at the background as Marcus took to the stage.

The ball room was full, too full he thought but the show must go on. Everybody took their places and the music started. As they performed this piece, photos were showcasing on the screens, telling the story that had brought them here this night. Beat by beat, music filled the atmosphere. The guests were enjoying the show. Music connected them all and they understood how much it meant for Maria. For her, it was a special night, a night like no other. She was overwhelmed, positive response and Marcus had truly outdone himself. Applauses went up; the guests had literally danced through the last part of the performance. They were impressed and had clearly enjoyed the show.

That night, music had brought people together, had caused people to look beyond the surface but most importantly music made everyone speak one language that night. Music had brought them together and music was a universal language that they all understood.

Marcus made a statement that night, the kind that says that if you are good at something, go the extra mile and someone will go the extra mile for you and with you.

Music for the Soul 2