As he walked into his pent house that chilly evening, he couldn’t stop thinking about the invitation he had received the opera that Saturday. He had dream’t about this day from the time he enrolled into the Buckley school of Music. His was a modest up bringing with enough resources; his hard work and discipline had got him into the best school and landed him a job as a music director in the same institution an year after graduation. The opera was the most prestigious event he had wanted to attend since he could remember and having received an invitation was more than humbling. He thought about it on his way home, what would he wear, how would he interact with the other guests?, what color of suit would he pick , there was so much going on in his head about that evening but the only thing that he knew he needed to make a very good first impression. Not only the opera open to the who’s who in the city, it was going to be the first time his students would present a piece that he had originally composed and written. As he sat down to think through the day and the interesting turn of events, he smiled as he whispered a short prayer. That evening as he sat at his dinner table his thoughts were full of the night that he had waited for all his life.

Marcus was your average guy, worked hard in school and got along with everybody. He was not very outgoing but he was deliberate with his relationships and loved his own space. Through school, he was the pleasant type and avoided trouble at any cost. Was smartly dressed and knew a thing or two about fashion. From his childhood, he had been brought up to understand that a gentle man should dress smartly and that belts and shoes go hand in hand and a watch is an added advantage. He had seen his dad and brothers dress the part and hence his was not an exception. His brother taught him well and when he left for college, he continued with the old age tradition from his house hold. That got him a few awards in High school. As his class teacher would say, let us all strive to be like Marcus in our grooming.

That evening as he lay in his bed, he called his elder brother Mark; they talked for a while as he informed him about the good news and invited him for the opera. Mark was known to be particular with details and by the end of the conversation; he had asked his brother what he would wear for the evening. They exchanged a few ideas and called it a night.

Saturday morning, Marcus got up as usual, looked through his wardrobe and picked his attire, a three piece charcoal grey suit, a matching tie, brown belt and brown shoes and a brown watch he had gifted himself for a birthday.

The invitation card read that the show starts at 1900 hours and so he needed to be at the opera in good time. His piece was the last for the evening and hence he had enough time to prep his students, mingle with the guests and enjoy the other performances. The night started off well, guests trickling in in good time, champagne glasses served to guests, familiarization and enjoying the ambiance. There was pin drop silence when Marcus walked into the opera that night. Everyone stood still, turned his way and didn’t move, he stood out with his attire from head to toes. There is something about a smartly dressed gentle man and the attention that he commands in the room and Marcus had hit the nail on the head that evening when he walked into the room. His brother was already at the venue was trying to make his way to see why everyone was suddenly silent. When he saw his younger brother he was shocked, the good kind and started clapping to break the ice. They exchanged pleasantries and the night went on with drinks passing the guests and chatting here and there.

At 1900 hours all the guests took to their seats and waited in anxiety for the show to begin. Piece after piece the music filled the atmosphere as the guests enjoyed and applauded at the end of each piece. To be part of such a gathering was more than humbling for Marcus. It was time for his students to take the stage and as they took their position that evening, he stood in front of them smiled at them and said a prayer. Beat after beat, harmony after harmony they wowed the audience with their music. His piece was not your ordinary combination, a mixture of some old school tunes, combined with an Afro beat, some jazz and modern day beats. Something for everyone he said during a brief interview after the show. He felt the need to incorporate everyone so that they have a taste of good music. The audience went ecstatic when the performance ended, a standing ovation by the entire opera. That was more than he had hoped for and he was more than humbled. Everyone wanted to speak to him after the performance to understand how he had arranged that particular piece. “Music should come from deep within and should touch your soul” he said to one of the reporters. As he went home that night, he knew he had left a mark on every individual in the opera that night and had started a new kind of conversation.