My next Relationship Must Lead to Marriage – Nadia on her Dating Life

Vibrant and talented Kenyan songstress Nadia Mukami has for a long time kept details about her dating life a secret.

Her public life is mostly dominated with her career and music projects.

Except for the time when the singer dated ‘Jango Love’ hitmaker, Arrow Bwoy.

The two dated for one year before they parted ways. Nadia Mukami reported that they could not work because of unavoidable differences.

Today, the ‘Maombi’ hit maker engaged her fans on a QA session on Instagram where she answered questions regarding her dating life and relationships.

Nadia explained to her fans that she has been out of the dating game for 6 months now and she is planning to remain single until the end of the year.

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The singer is using this time to accomplish her music career goals.

According to the songbird, she takes her relationships very seriously and has actually never dated for fun.

The songstress explained that she will be ready for a new relationship come next year as she will be turning 24.

However, she will only be ready for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage.

Through the QA, she informed her potential future prospects that they should only approach her, only if one is ready to commit to a lifelong marriage.

“I don’t like games in relationships. I have never dated for fun. I’m on a one-year break! Immediately I turn 24, all potentials kindly note I’m ready for marriage. Not a relationship but marriage.”

Nadia answered one of her fans.

The gorgeous singer went further explaining the qualities that she is looking for in a potential husband.

To her, marriage is not so much about love but understanding each other.

So, her partner should be a person who is understanding and respectful especially to her demanding career as an artist.

“I’m looking for a person who is respectful to me as a person and also understands that I’m an artist and respect that. Has a clear vision. A person who is conversational when you are having issues you can sit down and solve them.” Nadia wrote.

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