“Nairobi sio kwenu” Akothee’s Heavy Message to Slay-queens

Popular secular musician artist Akothee has preached the gospel of being real on her social media platforms , time and again. The ”Lotto” hit maker is adept at calling out at slay-queens who live a fake life on social media. The ‘fake it till you make it’ sentiment doesn’t seem to auger well with her personality. The musician is known for serving it hot without sugar coating anything.

Recently she took to her facebook page to call out on slay-queens. “…they have made you believe that you have to slay on social media even as hungry as you are , just to keep up with “fake it until you make it.”

Which energy will you use to keep up with the proverb of fakeness and you can’t even afford to go to the toilet on your own without someone buying you lunch, paying your rent, that’s where you lost your freedom.”

Akothee is a Miss independent who is thriving in content creation on social media and running a successful travel , Akothee’s Safaris.She has built expensive mansions and rides thanks to her hard-working nature. Consequently , it aches her to see women fully depending on men.

“…you have adopted to a dependent life ,whereby you can’t live, think on your own, you are constantly paranoid, empty and no freedom. You are not depressed, someone has your button.The greatest weapon in you is your mind .Change your way of thinking and your perception towards life will change. ”

Her message comes at a time when she flaunted leafy and green veggies which she has been tilling as a means to food security in her abode. She took to advising house wives whose husbands have lost their jobs at this critical time of the Corona pandemic.

“…take your savings, pack and go home as soon as the curfew is lifted…go and do the above , wacha kukwamilia Nairobi sio kwenu. Don’t say I didn’t tell you, what are you doing in Nairobi without a job, which miracles are you waiting for ? If I was a houswife , that is exactly what I would have done in such a scenario…”