Netizens Wild with the Vogue Challenge

Few days after the black lives matter campaign ,the editor in chief of the Vogue Magazine , Ann Wintour apologised for having not given black designers a chance to showcase their talents in the publication. According to the Guardian Magazine, Miss Wintour apologised for having very few employees as blacks. She pointed out that the new norm would be to include the blacks in the magazine.

Consequently, Netizens have taken to social media to grace the Vogue Magazine challenge . Tiktok users as well as the grammers have used very beautiful vogue front covers to feature their own images. Others have even added multiple photos to the cover magazine as well as their valuables which include pets as well as their lovers.
The hashtag #voguecoverchallenge has been running wild on the net with so many social media enthusiasts accompanying their photos against the challenge.

Here’s how to grace the challenge.
1.Type Vogue cover template on Google images and click on one that has an image of the magazine’s front cover.
2.Save one ,edit it together with your photo . You can use an editing app or a software which can perform the task , making the image as professional as possible
Photo editing skills as well as some softwares like Photoshop will give the photos a more professional touch.

The American based magazine which was founded in 1892 is a dignified and authentic magazine which works with the best people internationally in the creative industry. Vogue started out as a weekly newpaper after which it became a monthly publication few years later.

Shulman , the longest serving editor in chief of Vogue magazine, terms it as a magazine on a league of its own .

“We work with the best people , whether they are photographers , stylists , hair and makeup people or set designers. We always produce unique pieces and we have power gained over a long history to lure the most interesting creatives.”