Never Seen Before Photos of Bahati’s Wife as a Billboard Star!

“Throwback. The hustle was real. #Missbillboards. Now you see me on your screens. What a mighty God I serve.”

Diana Marua posted this on her Instagram handle after dropping some never seen photos of her former life.

Who would guess that Diana Marua was a billboard star before. It seems that she did not only come to the limelight after getting married to Gospel Musician Bahati.

Releasing some throwback photos, Diana has wowed her fans with the number of advertisement billboards she appeared in in her previous life.

It may have been hard for you to spot her before as she wasn’t as famous as she is now.

Heaven Bahati’s mum previously worked as a brand ambassador of big companies such as Safaricom, Nivea, Engen and a milk product company, Dairy.However, after getting married and becoming a mother, she chose to remain a housewife and take care of her family.

She released these photos on the wake of her attaining 100 thousand subscribers on her Youtube channel.

Gospel Musician Bahati together with his wife Diana have been on the receiving end of Bahati’s fans over the past few weeks.

The fans have been on Diana’s neck after photos of her former boyfriend, friends and even one alleged family surfaced.
Marua came to her defense and stated,

“Before I met Bahati I used to be a model. I played the role of a mother in a family setup for Nivea.”

As for the accusations of her relationship with football star Wanyama, she affirmed that she only met him once through a mutual friend. There, she managed to get some selfies and group photos with him.

Despite all the negativity, Diana remains a loyal wife to Bahati and a good mother to his children Heaven and Morgan, step-child Mueni and adopted son Morgan.

The family have been closer during this quarantine season and have entertained us with their cute, funny and romantic videos too.

Just the other day, Diana penned a sweet meassage to her hubby Bahati saying

  • ”If there’s one thing I’m going to miss about this quarantine season is you! See how our love has emotionally grown stronger… So many people are jealous but above all I can’t be thankful enough to God for creating this match.”