Never Seen Video: Magix Enga Singing when he was only 10 years old

Yesterday was throwback Thursday and as usual, celebrities did not fail to surprise us with Interesting and unknown details about their past.

Singer/ Songwriter/ Producer Magix Enga.

Many people rehash their memories on Throwback Thursdays to remind themselves of how far they’ve actually come.

Magix Enga was not left behind. The producer/singer took the opportunity to show his fans that his music career did not just begin the other day.

The producer has been working hard as a songwriter and singer ever since a very tender age.

He landed the opportunity for his first interview when he was a mere 10 years old. Enga’s artist name at the time used to be, ‘Majira.’


The young and promising musician confidently addressed the questions he was asked in the interview and even sang a sample of one of his songs.

[videopress 7LOFolxL]

At the beginning of his young music career, Magix Enga delved into secular songs.

After some time, the little boy Majira got saved in church and turned to gospel music.

This was the first time he changed his name to ‘Majixx Music.’

Magix encouraged his fans to believe in God and their prayers will be answered.

Just like how he came from a small background to now one of the biggest sort-after producers in the country.

Enga also said that he should be allowed to brag because his life is still a movie.

“If you don’t believe in God, this will change your mind!!! Nakama unasema Magix Enga anaringa it’s because my life is still a movie. Meet Majira a 10 year-old boy and this here was my first interview. Hapa kwa jina la usanii walinitambua kama Majira. About the song, just skip!! “

He went on further saying,

“At that time, I was doing secular music. Before niokoke and I changed my name to Majixx Music. A humble gospel musician.”

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