“Ni bwanako unaita buda?” fans react to Lulu Hassan’s comment on hubby’s photo

There is no couple that shows us the beauty and joy of the marriage union better than news anchors Rashid Abdalla and his wife Lulu Hassan.

Over the past few months, the two have been impressing Kenyans with their coordinated outfits and undeniable chemistry while at work.

Lulu and Rashid are definitely a unique couple as you will hardly ever find a man working together with his wife on the same job.

The two so far are also the first couple to host a news show together in East Africa.

Their professionalism and excellence in the work they do goes a long way to showcase their dedication and passion for their careers.

It also proves that it is possible for a family to work harmoniously together and excel by each others side.

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Just yesterday, Rashid posted a photo of himself while in studio on his Instagram. He was clad in one of his favorite coloured cream and maroon suit and posed right next to his news anchor chair at Royal media house.

On seeing the photo of her hubby looking fine, Lulu hilariously commented, ‘’Buda umetokelezea!’’ which caught fans in complete surprise.

Nobody expected Lulu to comment in sheng as she is famously known for her use of near perfect Swahili.

See some of the funny reactions by Kenyans on Lulu’s comment below.

@IddOpaka Ni mzee wako unaita buda?

@IshmaelAmin With your perfect Swahili kwa TV kumbe unajua buda?

@Ibrahim Mapenzi motomoto ndio haya

@Kiprotichbrayo Huu ngeus wako Rashid ni gangster diambo
@Milliemsoh Lulu, kumbe wewe ni Og pia

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