‘Nigerian Celebrities better than me ,Chai !’ Akothee Lashes Out a Nigerian Fan.

Akothee a.ka. Boss Lady is the mother of all drama on matters social media. The mother to many is unstoppable and so tactical when it comes to the verbal war. Nevertheless, many of her fans still attack her on her social media platforms and as is expected, they shy away after having a taste of their medicine.

Akothee calls out on foes who pretend to be fans and body shame her as well as live a fake lifestyle on social media. A Nigerian fan has found her self in hot soup after claiming that Nigerian celebrities are better than Akothee. The latter who holds a high place for herself took none of it and lashed back at the fan turned foe. The fan, however, slipped away after making her sentiments but Akothee wouldn’t let that incident slip away.

She took to social media to call out on the fan for her supposedly hideous act. ” Chai, I am looking for one Amaka, has she deleted her comments. She is a lady in yellow with hair starting from the middle of her head, with grandma weave, please Amaka, come back, you said Nigerian celebrities are better than me. It’s okay but is any of them your sister or your auntie. Amaka why are you running away? Come back Amaka. Come back we finish what we started ooh. You can’t trigger me and live me high like this. Amaka you are not fair. Someone call Amaka plus police. Amaka cannot go like that.”

Attacking Akothee on social media is a crime, it seems. A curious fan came in defence of Akothee and the rest of all the other social media users on the artiste’s Facebook page.

Christine Ngovi – No one has the freedom to abuse or judge another. Why is she disturbing Akothee? We’re comfortable with Akothee that’s why we are following her. Instead of bringing issues, she could have better unfollowed her.