No more dry spell : DJ Mo Finally ‘sorts’ Size 8

Dj Mo has revealed that he finally gave size 8 haki yake. His affirmation comes few days after the TV host declared that Dj Mo had locked up his goodies and set her on a long dry spell. The mother of two claimed that being denied her conjugal rights was taking a heavy toll on their marriage which was falling apart. Through her YouTube channel Size 8 went ahead to call out on her husband who makes excuses for not giving her her rights. Being a workaholic and also taking too much time with the boys, DJ Mo was literally risking his marriage.

Tumekaa three weeks hatujahave sex kwa hii nyumba. Fault ni yako, nikikupigia simu ,you are busy with the boys. It’s been three weeks since we had sex and it’s your fault. You can’t be busy working and you deny me my conjugal rights huyu msee angekuwa ananifanyia job vyenye anafanya huko nje ,si hapa kwa hao si tungekuwa sawa, Size 8 lamented .

Through their pastor’s intervention, the couple is now back on track. Mo through his social media platform, claimed that he had finally ‘sorted’ size 8 and accompanied the caption with a photo of a smiling and ectastic size 8. As is the norm with Netizens, several took to social media to make fun of their dry spell saga. Many however concurred that size 8 had been sorted going by her wide smile.

The couple is not new to marital drama. In a past interview, the mother of two claimed that her marriage is not perfect and has walked out on her husband more than once.

I don’t have a perfect life , I don’t have a perfect ministry , I don’t have a perfect marriage, I don’t have a perfect child, I don’t have a perfect body .