Notiflow denies Sleeping with Benzema – Calls him a deadbeat


Kenyan female rapper Notiflow came out bitterly on Instagram denying the ongoing rumours that she was involved sexually with controversial gengetone artist, Benzema.

Noti went further to expose dirty details about their supposed relationship.

She revealed that she could not sleep with Alehandro as the ‘thirsty’ guy according to her, refused to use protection.

The feud between the two artists, comes only three weeks after they released their major banger ‘fotomoto’.

Noti and Alehandro’s relationship got heated during that time as they were shooting the song together.

They released several videos of them getting cozy with each other, cooking for each other and one time even kissed on Instagram live.

[videopress Wq6JCxjO]

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However, after spending the few weeks together, Chief Inspekta seems to have moved on as he is now grooving with endowed curvier women as seen on his Instagram.

This move seems to have agitated Notiflow as she now came out calling Benzema a womanizer saying she is happy not to have fallen to his trap.

“For those of you insisting that I slept with that fisis n**, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but no we did not.”

According to the ‘fotomoto’ hitmaker, Benzema who is known for his smooth ways with women never uses protection and she could not risk getting pregnant or even contracting diseases for him.

“The guy f** around without protection, I wasn’t about about to risk getting pregnant for a deadbeat or worst still contact diseases.”

She referred to Alehandro as a deadbeat stating she was smarter to know not to deal with such men.

Although she admitted that she was almost falling for the temptations as she is single and has needs.

“I almost did it. I’m a grown up, I’m human I’m single & h***, my ** feels things but good thing I listen to my brain & not body and heart lmao. I’m smarter than that and that’s why someone is mad So beat it y’all. Imma keep my healthy tight p** for someone who actually deserves it lol.”

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