Notiflow Leaks conversation with Ex Mustafa begging for a second chance

You can call her the queen of screenshots but petite Kenyan rapper Notiflow has refused to let any man spread false rumours about her life without letting people know her own side of the story.
Just recently, her ex boyfriend Colonel Mustafa allegedly misinformed the media that the two were back together after their nasty break up which happened some time last year.
The two artists had been dating ever since 2017 before Noti dumped Mustafa on insinuations that he was gay.
Noti flow decided to clarify the story publicly through her instagram.
She revealed that she had been single ever since her and Colonel Mustafa went separate ways late last year. Untill Mustafa came back apologizing and asking for a second chance.
Noti was willing to let bygones be bygones and rekindle their romance. But just before she said yes to his proposal, an unnamed woman called Noti on her phone claiming that she was dating Mustafa and that she should stay away from them.The lady even went ahead to send Noti abusive messages and insults.
Not able to take any more of this, Noti said no to Mustafa and chose to remain single.
Soon after this, Mustafa lied that they were back together which angered Noti prompting her to release screenshots of their conversation to prove that they are not an item.
In the conversation Mustafa is seen trying to convince Noti that he had nothing to with the lady who was trying to get in between them.  He blamed their conflict on lack of proper communication between the two.
Noti on the othe hand adamantly refused his apology saying that she never shares her men as there are plenty of fish on the sea.
The female rapper stated that this stunt pulled by Mustafa was an attempt to keep men away from her. She revealed that she is very single and available and men should immediately slide into her dms.