Octopizzo: Every Song I Release from today will have a line about Marijuana

In Summary

• Octopizzo is still at the forefront campaigning for the legalization of marijuana in Kenya.

• According to the rapper, many youths abuse the drug in secret and that it’s better if people openly use it.

• He recently declared that every song he sings will have a line or two about marijuana.

Ever since 2019, born in Kibera, famous rapper Octopizzo has been very vocal about his opinion on the legalization of marijuana in the country.

He has now decided that he will show support of the drug through his rap music until the day it will be legalized.

“From now henceforth, every song I release will have a weed aka marijuana line till the day it’s gonna be legalized even if it’s gospel. Don’t follow me if you don’t understand why.” Octopizzo wrote on his twitter handle.

In a past interview on Tanzania’s Rick media, ‘che che’ hitmaker defended marijuana consumers claiming weed has no harmful effects and does not lead to social delinquency like people were claiming.

The rapper even urged the government to ban tobacco which is more harmful to humans than weed.

“Yes, marijuana should be legal because it is natural. Cigarettes have killed more people than marijuana,” he said.

Ever since last year, rap sensation Octopizzo became open about his marijuana use although he claimed that he only partakes the drug while in Amsterdam.

He praises marijuana for not having adverse effects and the ability for it to cure various illnesses.

“I advocate for legalizing of weed. It does not mean that when it’s legal people will be smoking aimlessly; you can take it in tea or you can eat it for medicinal values. I don’t smoke, I take it in tea. Not in Kenya but Los Angeles.” He stated.

The father of three is also concerned with how the youth are overusing the drug while hiding because it is illegal. He claims the abuse of the drug is what brings problems.

Octopizzo insists that since the drug is already being used and sold in the streets, the government should legalize it then find a way to manage the consumption of the drug.