Oily skin hacks you should know


Oily skin can be such a pain and a blessing at the same time and taming it can be difficult. So how do you know if your skin is oily?

It’s pretty simple to determine if your skin is part of the oily gang. We all need a certain amount of natural oil to keep our skin supple and glowing and our skin type is determined by the amount of oil your face produces and most skin types are categorized into the dry, combination, and oily skin.

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Oily skin types are mostly greasy. The face mostly has a shiny or glossy appearance. The outcome of untreated oily skin is clogged and enlarged pores. Blackheads and acne are also prone to oily skin types.

Your skin is oily if;

  • Your face is shiny and mostly appears oily during the course of your day.
  • Your makeup is not long-lasting.
  • Your pores are visibly enlarged especially on your nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead.
  • You are always retouching your make-up so as to reduce the greasy appearance.
  • The oily areas of your face have blackheads or acne.
  • Your skin rarely feels tight or dry.
  • You leave traces of oil whenever your skin comes into contact with any material.
  • Your face becomes shiny shortly after cleansing it.

Managing oily skin

Following these tips will help you manage that grease and ultimately reducing the overall shine of your skin.


Always use a gentle makeup remover and cleanser daily. Do avoid cleansers that contain skin-drying ingredients as the more your skin is dried out by cleanser the more it produces more oil. Invest in a honey or oatmeal face wash as they are very friendly to oily skin.

You can also combine a mixture of 1 avocado, 1/2 a teaspoon of lemon juice, and 1 egg white. The ingredients should be mixed well to make a paste, applied on the skin, and after a few minutes rinse the skin with cold water. This mixture gradually reduces the amounts of oil produced by your face and the overall greasy appearance of your face.



Although it might sound contradictory to apply a moisturizer to your oily skin, a good lightweight moisturizer will increase the water content of your skin. Moisturizers slow the evaporation of moisture on the face and the sebum (oil) producing cells shut down therefore your skin remains non-greasy for a longer period of time. Use a lightweight moisturizer that contains natural ingredients like avocado and coconut oil.

Make-up and oily skin


Matte look for oily skin.

For oily skin, it’s a matter of the make-up used. Do not count yourself out when it comes to glamming up and just find out what works for you and here are some helpful tips.

  • Always prime your skin first-A primer keeps your make-up in place. Prime the oiliest areas for instance the ‘T-Zone’ that is the forehead, nose, and chin.
  • Do not overdo powder– Piling your greasy face with layers of powder sounds like the most proper thing to do. Overdoing it could backfire by making your face push out more oil. Apply your setting powder on the shiny areas and invest in a formula that specifically cuts shine on any skin tone.
  • Blotting papers are ideal– Your make up will always look fresh and flawless immediately it is done but things are bound to change during the course of your day. If your skin is prone to greasiness you’ll be shining by midday. Blotting papers or sheets help by absorbing the excess oil from your skin and reducing the hustle of retouching Makeup all the time. Press the paper where you are oily then roll it off your skin instead of dragging it on your face.
  • Use oil-free cosmetics– Because your skin is already oily, use cosmetics products that contain no oils to reduce the burden of your skin with more oil. Less oil means your skin will be able to breathe and the chance of clogging is minimal.
  • Look for long-wear makeup– For a sustainable effortless glam, look for long-wear foundation, liners, powders, and concealers that are matte, full coverage long-wearing, and oil-free. Choose brands that are friendly and affordable to you.

Improve your diet

  • Cut out excess sugar and dairy products.
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet that mostly contains green leafy vegetables and fruits.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated.

At the end of the day, you should embrace your oily skin by not drying it out with dozens of products or layers of makeup. Use correct quantities of cosmetics so as to achieve your desired look and at the same time enjoy your natural God-given glow. It is part of you.

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