Otile Brown; ”My girlfriend never cooks,I do all the cooking”

Sensational a musician Otile Brown also known as Jacob Obunga has revealed in an Interview on how his Ethiopian Girlfriend has awakened the chef in him.

Otile and his better half Nabayet.

In an interview with Jalang’o, the superstar revealed that his Ethiopian girlfriend just has to sit down and look pretty as he throws down various cuisines in his Kitchen whenever she visits him in Kenya.

By the way woman has never cooked whenever she is here.Mi  ndio napika and she just sits there being pretty.

Shocking his fans further, Otile gushed that the love he has for Nabayet prompts him to personally feed her as she has never touched food with her bare hands and he takes the responsibility for feeding her whenever they are together.

Jalang’o looking shocked, asked if the musician if ‘amekaliwa chapati’ meaning he is controlled and  Otile responded;

Sio kukaliwa chapati im doing it out of love.Most people don’t know how good I am when it comes to romance.Let m surprise you,do you know she has never touches food when  I am around? I am the one who feeds her.I really love and appreciate this woman-He added

Otile and Nabii.
Otile’s girlfriend.

Female Netizens wished they were in Nabayet’s shoes so as to enjoy such pleasantries and advised Kenyan men to at least take notes from the musician and follow his romantic footsteps to please them with such gestures.

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The comments read;

😂😂😂ulioa ama uliolewa 😂

Now this the type of wife I hve been looking 4.. I think I’m gonna wife this nigga.. He needs 2 b wifed 💯💯💯

Unapika analiwa

Sasa huyu anaona nikaa hatuna akili ama🙄🤣🤣🤣🚮

Last week, Otile gifted himself the expensive BMW 7 Series after completing his much anticipated Just In Love debut Album.

The singer shared the news of his acquisition with his fans on social media adding that the Just In Love album will be launched on Boomplay.

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