‘Our Shirt is Back ‘ Mulamwah Receives a Comedy Shirt as a Birthday Present

Mulamwah like so many other celebrities , is a May baby. The Kenyan comedian  who formerly performed at Churchill Show , took to his Facebook fan page to celebrate his 27th birthday.

“Happy birthday to me, I could be turning 27 this year but since sijaitumia ata kidogo, I remain at 26 till further notice .Asanteni Sana for all the support and love always. May God bless you Sana .”

During his birthday week, the comedian received a Comedy Shirt for his birthday gift . The cream coloured shirt resembles the shirt he burnt after being trolled on social media. The comedian formerly burnt his comedy shirt claiming that he was facing cyber bullying and that he was ready to put a halt to comedy .

The comedian claimed that  he could not take it anymore as he was under so much pressure and had lost his daughter at the time. Ezekiel Mutua however came to his rescue promising him a deal after threatening to quit comedy.

Mulamwah couldn’t hide his joy when he received the shirt from one of his fans. He took to his Facebook page to thank the fan who sought anonymity.

” Best birthday gift ever! I had received alot of shirts from my fans but none had originally matched the exact one . A fan of mine (seeked anonymity) linked me to his friend in Zambia who had this one and had it brought to Kenya.Our shirt is now back , sasa no chronicles after chronicles.Subscribe for updates. Konki fire . Asanteni Sana for the support . God bless you.

His fans celebrated the new shirt which resembles that which the comedian had been using for his performances. No doubt Netizens are waiting for fresh and interesting content.

Nicholas Ngetich – Chronicles back like never before. Konki

Movine Ochieng – But don’t do what you did last time.

Eliz Kiptui – Wazi bro. Don’t let me down with this one . Usiwaskize ma hater