Outrageous Amounts of Money Club Covid Midnight Dancers Walk Away with!


Even as people go on trolling XtianDela Club Covid midnight show, you would be surprised by the outrageous amounts of money the entertainers are paid for showcasing their dancing skills.

Club Covid is an online dirty dancing platform which is hosted by producer and Youtuber Xtian Dela.

The show airs from 12 am to 2 am during the nights.

Endowed women tune in to Xtian Dela’s Instagram live to showcase their twerking skills and they end up parting with huge sums of money for the entertainment.

The money issued to the dancers is raised by Club Covid 19 fans who seek to support the show.

The midnight dance show has come to the aid of many Kenyan youths who especially have no sources of income during this lockdown period.

The show has assisted homeless youths get housing and money for shopping, get cash for rent and even to open businesses.

The highest amount of money that has been paid to a Club Covid dancer was 220,000 kenya shillings which was awarded to @Stacy_Vee, a dancer Instagram.

This overtook the initial record holder @Katrinakate254 who had walked away with 200,000 after wowing fans with her awesome dance moves.

Another lucky participant who was homeless and being hosted by a friend got to walk away with a whooping 60,000 kenyan shillings.

“@FahliyaDoll, your friend who was homeless walks away with kshs 60,000!!She can now rent out a place for herself and do some shopping. Thank you for hosting her. Thank you for bringing her to Club Covid and giving her the courage to perform on the show.”

Xtian Dela posted on Instagram after sending money to the dancer.

Men too are requested by ladies to perform on the show and one Prince Chak entertained the viewers and walked away with kshs 56,000.

The dancer could not hide his excitement,

“Mi ata sijui niseme aje, I was performing nikiangalia NOTICE ya rent aki. I had even sold my TV a while back because bills na majukumu zinazidi. I am just out of words. @XtianDela may the showers of blessings shower not only you but your whole family.”

Some dancers like Sherlyne Onyango have managed to walk away with huge sums of money twice, kshs 40,000 and 120,000 respectively.