Pastor Migwi Cries Like a child while delivering a heartfelt message to President Uhuru.

Pastor Migwi of House of Hope Church in Kayole could not hold back tears while speaking to his followers through Facebook Live on Saturday.

The Pastor spoke on behalf of Ruai residents who had been left in the cold after their houses were demolished.

A government order which stated that the occupied land was needed to build a sewage system had been issued to take down all houses in the area.

Pastor Migwi expressed the pain he felt for the families, old people and even children who have to stay out in the cold with no place to sleep.

Pastor Migwi crying on Facebook live.

The financial situation has been dire for many citizens in the country as the lockdown has taken a major hit on businesses.

“Nliamka saa tisa niende kuchagua Uhuru Muigai. Saa hizi anakaa tu statehouse. Watu wananipigia wanalala njaa. Wanakuja kwa ofisi yangu kunililia. Wengine wanataka kujiua.”

He told his followers that many of the evictees are calling him crying for assistance as they have no one else to turn to.

The former Radio presenter pleaded with the president to try to practice humanity.

He claimed the president was comfortably living in the statehouse with all the providence he needs while poor people who elected him sleep in the harsh outside weather.

“Saa hii hakuna mtu ako na ubinadamu anaweza fukuza mtu kwa sababu ya kukosa kulipa rent. Kwa sababu hatukukuja na hiyo nyumba na gari duniani. Nchi zile ziko na huruma zinapelekanga watu mahali.”

He spoke about the countrywide night lockdown and told the president that by closing barriers and preventing couples who live apart from meeting bigger problems will be created.

The man of God spoke on behalf of those who were suffering because he was once in their position.

Migwi received God’s calling when he was only 16 and he did not fail to pursue it.

In his journey to become the man that he is now, he passed through very difficult challenges with his mentors.

Pastor Migwi has decided to donate foodstuffs to the evicted people.

He is also mobilizing citizens who want to help him fight for the rights of the poor and downtrodden.