The journey to fame begins with a transition in looks, money, and also your social circle and by now, you already know Kenyan celebrities for their craft and looks that they regularly flaunt on the gram for their fans to admire in terms of lifestyle or sense of fashion. Some people start to develop a taste for money, while others see it as the door to greed. But no matter what you think about money, one fact never changes — you can’t live without it. Kenyan celebrities are not an exception. Here is a glimpse of Kenyan celebrities before the peak of their careers;




Huddah is not new to the industry as she first started out as a contestant in the popular show Big Brother. Ever since then, she was identified by Kenyans as a ‘socialite’ because of always sharing her visually appealing photos online and thus growing her social media presence and following. Before the glow-up, socialite and businesswoman Huddah Monroe had a rusty past that she talks about from time to time. Before the expensive clothes, the perfect face beat, the trips abroad, lavish trips, and a better phone camera to capture all that; there was a life that led her to where she is now. The petite socialite’s looks seem to have changed over the years as she seems lighter in complexion and more curvaceous.

Huddah before fame and money.



Celebrities like Vera Sidika spend a lot of time making themselves look good from plastic surgery, hair, make-up, working, and traveling to different parts of the world. But sometimes, the stress of being famous makes them fall apart. When we talk about all these, Vera Sidika’s name can’t miss being mentioned. She is one celebrity who has undergone tremendous change. At the start of her career, Vera looked extremely different as compared to now she embraced her ‘melanin’ and natural curves before going under the knife. Despite her physical changes, the socialite and businesswoman has managed to remain attractive.


The singer earned himself the title ‘Baba Yao- Real OG’ through his music. Titles that he will be remembered for in the longest time. He also has great achievements in the industry which have propelled him to winning a number of awards in Kenya and beyond. However, the rapper’s throwback photos suggest he was raised from a humble background and rose through the ranks in the Music industry by gaining recognition through his talent. His current photos reveal that he has gained a sense of style with a lot of tattoos inked on him.



The news anchor from Citizen TV is not shy to share her glammed up looks on Instagram occasionally. She has graced TV screens with her signature look that suits her but it has not always been that way because she started as a simple reporter and drastically changed her sense of fashion and style.



Gospel musician Bahati is one of the celebrities who have definitely transformed after getting more money and fame. The singer who grew up from a humble background really struggled to climb up the ranks of the gospel music industry and during that period, he dressed in simple outfit unlike now. Bahati of late wears designer clothes and jewelry that has polished his general look. He is also a family man as he has fathered several children and also a husband to Diana Marua.


At just 26 years of age, Teresia Ndoti Wambua aka Kush Tracey is making her name in the Kenyan entertainment industry. The Chatspot TV host and rapper is not new to the entertainment industry as she has released different musical hits and  TV hosting. Kush Tracey’s looks have rather changed over the years as she is more fashionable and elegant according to her social media posts. Her sense of style is iconic and her skin appears lighter. A close look at her throwback photos reveals major changes.



The curvy Catherine Kamau has been sharing a lot of her life that we never knew. The mother of two started out as an actress in the local show ”Mother in-law” as a simple and petite young woman. Her looks have transitioned noticeably because she has become more voluptuous and outgoing unlike before. Kate features in a few local shows and is also the brand ambassador to Harpic and a few cosmetic brands. Throwback photos of herself reveal that she has ‘glowed-up’.