Picnics,alcoholic drinks and parties banned at the Ngong Hills

The Kenya Forest Service  (KFS) has temporarily banned picnics, parties, and alcoholic drinks at the Ngong Hills Recreation Park. According to the Ngong Hills Forest manager, this move is aimed to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in Kenya where it has already surpassed the 2000 mark of confirmed positive cases.


The Ngong Hills

On Tuesday, the manager said in a statement that park visitors will strictly have to observe social distancing while in the park. Moreover, visitors will not be allowed inside the park past 5 pm and no one will be allowed to enter the park after 4 pm. Other restrictions of the new rules include a ban on carrying plastic bags and bottles to leave them at the entrance.

However, reusable bottles will be allowed. Anybody found with plastic bags and bottles will not be allowed in,” KFS has said in a statement.

Alcoholic drinks will also not be allowed into the hills and picnics and parties at the serene location in the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic. The management stated that the move is aimed at ensuring that the forest remains clean always.

The Ngong Hills is popular for parties, and there have been increased complaints of visitors leaving the place dirty with rubbish left including but not limited to facial masks, whiskey, and wine bottles, which pollute the environment.

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Recently, Milimani residents in the Ngong area collected over 1,000 used condoms leftover by park visitors from Nairobi. Visitors will also be required to strictly observe social distancing at all times while inside the forest, the management instructed.

These new rules come just a few days after some members of the public were recorded dangerously pushing a car down Ngong hills and it raised safety concerns from the public.

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