Over time people from all walks of life, internationally or locally have striked due to various reasons. It may be because of dissatisfaction, abuse, to protect endangered animals or protest over bad climate change. It usually happens when more than person is affected and they feel a need to come together and make a good change.

One such group is the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) students who went on the streets to protest against the insecurity in Juja town, where the University is located and most students live in while they attend to there studies.  This is not something new considering in most of the Universities across the country,  the hostels are but a few and those who do not get a space inside school have to live outside the school in rental bedsitters and apartments.

Breaking and entering into student homes and stealing there appliances, drugs and murder are but a few of what the students are protesting against because it has kept rising, but what they got was negativity from both the locals and the police.  The hired school security did not come to there aid when they were brutally beaten in public and hurt. This has raised concern among Kenyans especially those with relatives and children in the institution, they are on social media posting, wanting justice to be taken on those police officers who were recorded on video beating up a student in an inhuman way, click on this link here to check that video out.

Not only were the police against them throwing tear gas but the locals from Juja town  also abused them too,  here is a video on that; since then the hashtags #StopPoliceBrutality #Jkuatlivesmatter have trended online.

In Kenya this is not the first time people have striked over something or the police using too much force to stop them. Many Secondary and primary schools students have gone on strike setting the school on fire because of maybe a change of principal,  the government workers like doctors and teachers in the past striked due to low wages and something had to be done to fix the problem.The government and leaders had to sit down with the people and come to a solution that both parties agree on, like raising the salary to a point the economy will support without hurting the taxpayers in the long run.

When confronted, the Institution of Jkuat claims they have not heard of any problems and they have decided the University has been closed indefinitely. Studies have been disrupted when the students are about to finish the semester and do there exams, meaning the insecurity problem will have to be addressed first before students are allowed back to study.