Popular WCB Musician Zuchu Celebrates Diamond for Hitting one Billion views on YouTube

Everytime Diamond’s fans think that the superstar has reached the climax of his career, they are usually met with a rude shock.

Diamond’s career seems to be escalating by the day .
The fast rising music star owes his career to the massive support which he has received from his fans basing on the fact that the celebrated singer is talented and wows his fans with creativity ,good videos and good vibes.

Well, the superstar has garnered a billion views on YouTube as per now. The musician’s new achievement makes him the most viewed musician in Africa on YouTube.

Fans took to social media to congratulate him as he also took to the platform to thank his fans for their massive support.

Wow three million subscribers. thanks kwa kila aliyefanikisha hii .kaa tayari kwa mengi makuu mwaka huu. Hii inaelekea kuwa channel number moja Africa kuwa na subscribers wengi…. Wrote jeje hitmaker few months before his win.

Zuchu, the only female at his label, wasafi records also took to Facebook to celebrate the music star,

Umekuwa chachu ya mafanikio kwa 2 wengi. Tunaona mwanga kupitia wewe sio tu kama msanii wako…
Diamond’s music career started more than ten years ago.

His two major hits, nenda Kamwambie as well as Mbagala received major support as they were well received by his fans. The two hits brought him into the limelight . Today Diamond is a household name with many musicians trying by hook to have collabos with him.

Diamond has featured his baby mamas in most of his songs. He featured Donna in his Gere hit. The hit garnered millions of views on YouTube few minutes after it’s release. He has also featured , Mobeto in the popular hit, Salome. His Ugandan baby mama, Zari Hassan has also been featured in the Iyena hit as well as the Utanipenda hit.