Kyra was the last born in a family of five, and the only girl. Her childhood was fun but she felt short changed every time her parents were out of town for work or business because her brothers made her do all the chores while they spent the entire day playing, riding bikes and racing their toy cars. She did not understand why they did not want to do their share of the chores yet they were clearly written down on the duty roster next to the food menu and hanged on the fridge for everyone to know what they were expected to do. Nevertheless, she diligently did her work and finished in good time. Her brothers were happy that she somewhat helped them do their chores and in return, they helped her learn all the ‘boy’ games available.

Home  was a household full of activities probably because of the boys and the energy they had. Over time she developed a love for cars thanks to all the time she spent with her brothers. The family car was at their disposal and they all used it as a learning tool for automobiles.  Her parents found it weird but they encouraged her all the same. Her brothers on the other hand loved the fact that their sister loved activities they did. While on a holiday, Kyra took up an internship at their local garage to learn as much as she could about automobiles. Though she faced some stereotype for being a girl, she used that as a stepping stone to keep her fire going. Learning about cars was both interesting and difficult but she was determined to know everything about them.

She loved engineering and just like her father pursued a career in the same field. Five years later she graduated and started working in a leading firm. She thrived in the job . Despite all the accomplishment she made, she still felt like she needed to do more. In the next one year Kyra spent time practicing all she had learnt and spend time with her family. She used her free weekends at different car yards sampling vehicles and test-driving a few. She felt home anytime she was behind the wheel and always looked forward to such weekends.

On a momentous Sunday lunch at her parents’ house with her siblings, they began talking about cars. Their dad’s old pick up was the center of conversation. Remembering their early years with the car brought good memories back. Laughter filed the atmosphere as they reminisced on the old days. That evening as Kyra drove home; she couldn’t help but think about the old days and how she loved cars. It was in that moment that she filled her earlier missing puzzle of doing more. Something inside her started awakening. When she got home, she went looking for her old boxes. She remembered putting away a business proposal she had drafted earlier. She read it again and smiled at her dream back then. The following morning, she woke up early dialed her brothers and explained to them what she had found and sought their help to actualize her dream.

She had written down an elaborate business plan on how she would open a garage. In addition, she would incorporate a car wash to learn about engine cleaning and maintenance. Her proposal was elaborate but even she knew that it needed fine-tuning. As much as she was a car enthusiast, she had not fully concentrated in that field. Her job had taken most of her time and she found it hard to juggle in between work. She had tried to race professionally but she didn’t have the discipline to keep up. She had not raced for a number of years, but her brothers had. They had taken up professional racing as a hobby and they knew a thing or two about cars and races.

They collected the financial resources, sat down with their parents and shared with them what they had in mind asking for their blessings too. The old garage that Kyra used to spend time at as a child was up for sale and the siblings with the help of their dad bought it. They revamped her old business plan while incorporating modern day changes. She took time off work and started turning her dream into reality. In a months’ time, she had done most of the work and was ready to open. There was just a slight problem; business permits needed were not yet ready. As she waited for the permits to be processed, she decided to resign from her previous job. She called her dad, met up for lunch and she explained what she wanted to do. Her dad understood and gave his blessing. Over the next couple of days, she went to the office to hand over pending projects.

The garage licenses were finally approved. When she received the phone call to go pick them up, she called one of her brothers to accompany her. They later passed by the garage to put up the licenses and a few other things they had bought. Early the next day, Kyra was at the garage very early. She kept busy dusting, cleaning and arranging the place to make it look presentable. Later in the day, the siblings were all in, looking at the place and impressed by their sisters effort. They were all car enthusiasts and had expressed interest in helping run the garage. She had never had people work under her and the feeling of supervising people felt new. Her brothers had faith in her and gave a few tips to help her started. With time she had learnt all the ropes and was enjoying herself.

Each day she got better and by the first month, she had attracted a good number of clients. She was turning her dream into reality and she was doing the one thing she loved most. Her brothers were equally proud of her and were regular customers. They also recommended their friends and the report back was more than promising. It is now exactly two years since Kyra opened the garage and she is very happy she followed her dream, in her words, “Believe in the power of your dream and make it a reality.”