President Uhuru Drives Himself To Town in a Probox at Night!

In a strange twist of events, a video has surfaced online showing president Uhuru walking out of a probox at night. He came from the driver’s seat so he was most certainly driving himself.

Behind the probox, you could see a Toyota V8 and a Prado TX that were most likely ferrying bodyguards. As the video progresses, you can see an armed officer patrolling the area in full uniform.

Kenyans on Twitter are speculating that the president was inspecting the city to see how development was going on. You could see him walking up to the road island where they spend some time as if looking at the worn-out Kenyatta Avenue walkway.

Right next to him, a man who Kenyans on Twitter are speculating could be Raila is seen conversing with him.

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