President Uhuru’s nephew,Jomo Gecaga and Lola Hannigan confirm dating rumors


Lola Hannigan and Jomo Gecaga.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew Jomo Gecaga and former TV  host Lola Hannigan, have exclusively come out as a couple. The lovebirds first appeared cozy on Instagram through the president’s niece Nana Gecaga’s live video that attracted many viewers.

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The happy couple danced and held onto each other throughout the session as they listened to classical music and they couldn’t keep their arms off each other. The mother of one adorably called her man babe anytime she needed his attention and when Jomo got closer, she embraced him while blushing.

[videopress raQF8tZr]

The pair were suspected to be dating back in 2017, but none of them came out to deny nor confirm the reports.

This marked the couple´s first public appearance together on social media. Lola Hannigan is alleged to have birthed her daughter with Jomo Gecaga and has been flaunting her heavy baby bump on Instagram after nearly a year shying away from the public eye.


Rumors and speculations of the two being a couple began in 2018 when Lola was always seen photographed with the prominent man and his sister Nana Gecaga. Lola also flaunted a Range Rover which many speculated it was a gift from Jomo Gecaga.

Their relationship has always remained lowkey over the years.

Lola Hannigan flaunting her Range Rover.
Nana Gecaga and Lola Hannigan

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Jomo  Gecaga and K24 news anchor, Anne Kiguta parted ways in 2017 and he started dating Lola Hannigan sometime later. Ann Kiguta and Jomo have a set of twins together and their romantic relations were also private.

Ann Kiguta and Jomo Gecaga

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