Queen of controversy?Diana Marua’s untold story


Diana Marua

Diana Marua is a content creator who works as a social media Influencer and also a former reality TV star in a popular show that showcased her family life. She was born on the 30th of November 1988 and her age has always been a subject of discussion among trolls and haters on social media. Diana is also married to popular gospel singer Kevin Mbuvi also known as  Bahati and is a major player in the gospel music industry and boasts a huge fan base in Kenya.

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Early life

Diana Marua and her late Mother.

Diana Marua was born to parents from different ethnicities her father was from the Luo community whereas her mother was from the Kikuyu community.

In many interviews, the mother of two revealed that her father is a leading cancer advocate who fights against the stigma towards cancer patients in Kenya. Joseph Omachi, her father, is the founder of an NGO that is a childhood cancer initiative.

Young Diana and mother

Despite having a family of her own, the fashionista underwent a difficult childhood as she grew without her mother around and she had to take up the role of taking care of her siblings. Diana’s mother left her abusive marriage when she was only six years old.

In an interview, she disclosed father was a violent man and she could sense the strong tension between her parents and concluded that her mother was a very pensive and unhappy woman in her marriage. Tragedy befell Diana when her mother passed on when she was 20 years old.

You know I don’t think my mum was ever happy. I remember she used to cry and shika tama (be pensive) a lot. The home environment was tough. My father was extremely violent.She disclosed in an interview.

Diana studied in Machakos county in a secondary school known as Mitamboni girls and proceeded to study Accounts at the KCA University but later dropped out due to financial challenges that failed to sustain her tertiary education.

At one point in her life, she revealed to her YouTube subscribers that she almost committed suicide due to overwhelming life circumstances and even penned a suicide note to her younger siblings. She later decided to give life another shot.

Journey to fame 

Diana working as a video vixen

Although the soft-spoken lady was already a familiar face on Instagram, she began attracting public attention when she featured on Bahati’s  Mapenzi music video as a bride. Many netizens were confused about whether she was an actual bride or one of Bahati’s publicity stunts to boost views on his latest hit.

After the release of the song, Diana and her then ”prayer partner” shared cozy pictures od them together in matching outfits and this prompted curious stalkers and fans to follow her on her socials. With time, she grew her own fan-base that attracted both fans, critiques, and haters on equal measure.

Gospel hitmaker Bahati later introduced her to the public as his prayer partner and the matter was not taken lightly by trolls due to their age differences and her unclean past allegedly. The prayer partners were also bashed for cohabiting yet they were to serve as role models to younger Christian couples by sealing the deal through marriage.


Diana and Bahati’s wedding.

After much speculation on whether she was exclusive with Bahati or not, the two finally tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in an undisclosed location. At that time, Diana was rumored to be carrying her first child with Bahati but kept it under wraps to avoid negative attention and hateful comments from the public.

Before her marriage to Kevin Mbuvi in 2017, the two had been exclusive for two years but their publicized relationship brewed a lot of hate towards her because she is six years older than her spouse Bahati who was born in 1994.

She was also accused of dating the musician to live lavishly off his hard-earned money instead of love. In an earlier interview with true love magazine, the beauty laughed off the claims of using her husband for his money;

Others say I want him for the money. If it was about money I would be with well-off people I have dated who would have offered me a lot, including cars. With Bahati, I asked God for someone who would love me genuinely and Bahati was the man I knew I wanted to grow and build a legacy with-She said

Despite her notable age gap with her husband, the two have managed to keep the spark in their marriage alive despite immense hate from the Kenyan online community. The gorgeous couple is still expanding their family as they are raising their children both biological and adopted as a whole happy unit.

Diana’s Family

Scandals and controversies

Her journey as a content creator and wife hasn’t been easy due to excessive and unnecessary criticism because of her age and life choices at large.

Before settling down, Diana openly disclosed that her past life involved partying, traveling, and socializing and in the process, she took innocent photographs with different people that have been since used to tarnish her credibility.

Of course before I met Bahati I was of the world ile proper. I never used to go to church. My life used to start on Thursday halafu tunamaliza Monday hapo ndio tunatoa high heels. The whole weekend road trips, twende Naivasha.

Diana has been accused of dating many men in her past including Victor Wanyama and some members of the recently exposed Boy’s Club in which she denied any romantic relations with the men maliciously linked to her past. Many netizens have questioned her past romantic life and character before she settled with Bahati and a few photos usually emerge online from time to time.

Victor Wanyama and Diana Marua.


Due to her large following on social media, she currently works as a content creator on her Youtube Channel and also promotes brand services and products on her social media pages for payment.

She also worked as a commercial model for major brands like Safaricom and Nivea.


Apart from commercial modeling, she also did a few white-collar jobs before fully venturing into content creation and influencing.

From 2010 to 2011, She was a data and statistics analyst at KEMRI. Diana was also an assistant HR and admin at Neo From 2011 to 2014. She joined Bio Foods Limited in 2014(a preeminent company brand of functional dairy foods) as a key account executive.

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