Racism in Kenyatta family’s Peponi International School Exposed


Peponi International Secondary School, which is located in Ruiru, Nairobi county, is one of the few schools in Kenya known to offer quality British Curriculum education.

This boarding school, which is owned by president Kenyatta’s half white sister, Kristina Pratt is built solely on British traditions and they even refuse to acknowledge any of Kenya’s national holidays.

Sadly, this is one of the International schools in the country where discrimination of students of colour is highly rampant especially since the school is composed majorly of white and Indian students.

This sad reality which is the main topic of discussion all over the world at this time, was disclosed by one of Peponi School’s alumnae, who suffered because of her dark skin tone when she was studying there.

The lady posted a thread on her Twitter handle revealing how her and her friends were racially segregated for being ‘Ghetto’ and having come from a ghetto school even though she had just transferred from another International school.

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But since the majority of the students were blacks, it was basically ’Ghetto’ according to Peponi’s students.

“Upon arrival, a few students and I were ridiculed by other white and Indian students for being “ghetto” and coming from “ghetto” schools. FYI, I was in Braeside High School, another British system school. But you know because black people are the majority, it’s ghetto.” She began.

She continued narrating how black students were always first to be pointed out if anything bad happened in school whether there was evidence to support the claim or not.

“One time, someone in the girls’ dorms activated the fire alarm at 3am. Confused, we were all forced out of our dorms. Only for the back girls to be held back, accused and questioned because again.. Racism.” She narrated.

Apparently, the discrimination was also influenced by the United States politics at that time.

White students walked around the school compound carrying McCain’s posters and claiming that he was god. “Mzungu ni Mungu”. They said.

“The last straw before we all flipped and really gave them the ghetto they deserved was when 3 girls in the dorms had their laptops stolen in the middle of the night. No CCTV evidence, but you know the number one suspects had to us again.” She wrote.

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