Radio presenter Nick Odhiambo under fire for saying he would disown son if he came out as gay

Nick Odhiambo

Radio presenter Nick Odhiambo has been heavily criticized on Instagram for saying he would disown his own son if he came out as gay.

The radio presenter shared a photo of an African  American gay influencer Ej Johnson and wrote it would be painful if one’s son would decide to be a woman meaning homosexuality.


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Commenting in an Instagram post, one Instagram user responded to the photo and inquired from his followers the actions they would take if the EJ johnson was their son.EJ is openly gay since childhood. The user asked;

What would you do if he was your son?We have to live with the realityof the world man!Would you disown him?Just asking-He inquired.

From the comments, a few people had their opinion on the matter concerning the LGBTQ  community but most of the commenters hinted that they would support their offspring if by any chance they decided to come out of the closet as homosexuals. Nick Odhiambo took everyone by surprise when he thought otherwise from his caption.

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Some of  the comments read;

Take him to rehabilitation center or church coz its spiritual and needs to be cast out.majority of them change,trust me.Some of them are not happy with themselves  so when you take them to rehab,thy find themselves and be excatly what their privates potray periodttttt

Tables turned in the comment section when Nick Odhiambo gave a piece of his mind. Those offended by his comments roasted him for being narrow-minded in the current generation. Nick had said;

@alorakush I would disown like a MF

The Instagram netizens were not happy with his approach to the disowning situation and decided to give the radio presenter a piece of their mind.

@Iamnickodhiambo I know you dont mean this !The world has changed so much and however i find it hard to believe that  such kinds of things do happen,I have to be honest with the reality and embrace it.


This is a very ignorant and hateful comment coming from someone who is a parent.


This is the most ignorant shit I have read…and I read Trump’s tweets

From the comments, the netizens were able to put Nick to silence since he is also a parent, and situations could always change. The father of one did not comment further on the issue and the post was later deleted.

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