She had gone so deep that she did not think she could have ever survived the pain and the regret she was feeling. She had spiraled down so quickly that she didn’t even notice that she had lost herself in the process. She silently wept while she sat in the car wondering what to do next. She was alienated from the world, fingers pointed at her and little whispers went around anytime she was in a public arena.  Over time she had embraced the change that emanated from her choices. She had made the choices because she felt suffocated by a boring routine each day. She craved for something new, something fresh and she was now ready to get out and find it, problem is, she did not know how. As she sat in the car she longed to do so much, the many things that she had always kept on hold, always postponed because the timing was never right.

She composed herself, wiped the tears running down her chin, took out her tinny mirror, powdered her face and ensured her face and make up looked perfect. She must have cried for a while because she found her pink striped notebook open with her pen on her thigh, the book was soggy, probably from her tears, she read through what she had started to scribble and then closed the book. She then took her phone, opened her Bible App and opened a scripture and said a prayer. She was a believer and she believed and knew that she needed God if she was ever going to get out of her current state. She said her prayer and believed it to be answered. She composed herself and dialed a number, enquired a few things and turned her ignition key. She slowly but surely left the parking lot and out of the gate she drove off. She was sure of where she wanted to go but she had never gone before. She had heard of the place but had never made time to visit the place and today seemed like the perfect day for the visitation and maybe, while there, capture the beautiful scenery as she had heard.

She must have been driving for an hour or so when she felt a cool breeze on her face, she slowed down and started admiring the scenery. The majestic manicured tea plantation and the beautiful evening sun rays hitting the earth just right was breathtaking.  She was finally where she needed to be. She slowed down looking for an appropriate place to park her car so that she could enjoy the view. She counted a number of cars by the road side and couples seated in twos enjoying the view. She found a parking spot, parked her car and walked out to soak in the sun rays. She must have gone about a hundred yards when she noticed a familiar face. An old friend who was a photographer but thanks to chasing careers, they had lost touch over time. A little chat up and they sat on the hedge of the tea plantation enjoying the view as they laughed over the different paths their lives had taken. It was therapeutic, they would find out as they went along. They both loved nature and had a hidden love for photography and the scenery was just epic. Taking out their phones to capture the view they laughed as they made memories. She was dressed for the weather and as it turned out, he had his camera in the car, a minute in and out of his car and he had embraced his profession and was busy taking photos. She wasn’t into photos, she is what we call amateur models but he guided her through the possess and they took several photos before sitting to enjoy the sun set over a soft drink they both had.

Funny how time flies when you’re somehow lost in your own world. They didn’t notice how time much had gone but, in the midst of laughter, taking photos and capturing memories, time was well spent as they noticed the sun go down. You see there is something about the sun setting down the hill over the horizon cutting across the tea plantation and disappearing down the hill. They wrapped up the day, but in their vocabulary they had only put a pause to be continued onto the next adventure. As they said their goodbyes, Kiara took one last photo with the sun setting behind her, smiling and grateful for the day she had had. As she drove home that evening, she could feel something rising on her spirit, her breakthrough was on its way and she was about to embark on her new journey, a new journey that she was looking forward to.