Ruth Matete gives up on claiming her husband’s body for burial

Ruth matete has finally stipulated that she has given up on pestering the Nigerian embassy to release her husband’s body for burial .
Two months later after her husband’s death, John Apewajoye’s body is still lying in the morgue despite her efforts to reclaim his body for grieving and burial.

   An autopsy revealed that the husband died of multiple organ failure due to fire injuries after a fire accident at their home in great wall.

   Through her lawyer , Robert , the former Tusker project fame winner said that she is not interested in burying her late husband anymore and that she has given up on claiming the body for burial. She further pointed out that she wouldn’t welcome any notification on her husband’s burial as this is a closed chapter now. Her reaction could be due to the fact that she is pregnant and that she needs to concentrate on her growing baby and also take care of herself for a successful pregnancy.

The songstress letter to the embassy read ,

You can hold the body and do with it as you please. thanks

Matete had previously been interrogated by the DCI regarding her husband’s death. The embassy’s move to retain the body could probably have been due to her husband’s friend, Jessy’s, video which claimed foulplay in his buddy’s death. Jessy believed that Ruth had a part to play in her husband’s death.

Ruth had pointed out that the gas cylinder was faulty at the time of the incident. Her husband’s move to release the gas then lighting it thereafter is what later transpired to the deadly fire .Experts were tasked with finding out whether the cylinder was indeed faulty or not.

Ruth took to social media to mourn her husband after the news of his death.

My husband beloved John has gone to be with the Lord. I humbly ask for your prayers during this difficult time .

Ruth’s message on Facebook read.