Safaricom introduces new security feature to curb fraud

Kenya’s leading telecommunication giant Safaricom has introduced a new security feature that will prevent fraudsters or unauthorized persons from using other people’s National Identity cards for illegal registration of new phone numbers.

This new and improved security feature is meant to curb the ongoing mobile fraud by alerting the original ID owner to confirm before the new number is registered under their National ID credentials.

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The SMS alert from 707 will immediately be sent to your mobile handset and you can promptly respond with a NO if you are not the one who initiated the registration process. The new security SMS alert will read,

Dear Customer,a new number is about to be registered under your ID number.Please reply with a YES to continue or NO  to cancel the registration.

This is a brilliant security move from Safaricom because illegal activities from rogue individuals who have been obtaining details of clients and use them to register new lines and access M-Pesa accounts that are used to con people and it becomes difficult to trace the criminals because they have not used their authentic identification credentials.

Some of the messages criminals use to lure unsuspecting Safaricom clients include;

“Nitumie kwa hii namba, ile ingine ina shida.”

“Baba mtoto amevunjika mguu tuko hospitali, tuma kwa 07…..”

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