Semenya and wife Violet welcome newborn child

If Castor Semenya and her wife’s photos are to go by, the two may soon be welcoming their bundle of joy if at all they haven’t done so already.

Semenya and her wife took to social media to share photos which raised suspicion among their fans.

The two shared photos of tiny feet donning Nike shoes with a caption of stars on both Twitter and Instagram pages. They also shared photos of a baby with the caption, I have arrived.

Semenya is a South African middle distance runner and an Olympic gold medalist in 2016. Following her win at the world championship, there had been so much controversy regarding her gender.

This prompted her to take a sex verification test after which the results leaked out and Castor was deemed to be having intersex traits. Castor’s wife had been in denial of having wedded a woman.

The two walked down the aisle in 2017 in a glamorous white wedding.The wedding was deemed to be a birthday present to violet who was celebrating her 26th birthday on the same day.

Semenya in a past interview had opened up about meeting her wife. She said that the two met in the restroom when the former was being escorted by doping officials. Castor was the one who threw her shot first to the love of her life by telling her what she felt for her.

We met in a restroom in 2007. She was a runner and was being escorted by doping officials . She thought I was a boy and said, what is a boy doing in here .

The two love birds stipulated their hopes for their marriage life. They both hoped to get children together. Castor claimed that she desired to have three children . She also opened about their hopes to get twins as Violet has a twin sibling. If the current speculations are anything to go by, then it’s a win for the couple on welcoming their newborn baby.