Shocked Fan passes out After Meeting Popular Comedian Flaqo

Yesterday, funny impressionist comedian Flaqo found himself in a tricky situation after one of his fans got star struck and fainted upon seeing him.

The comedian was heading to Homeboyz radio for a show yesterday evening when the incident happened.

He even had to be late for the said show as he helped to administer first aid to the patient.

Flaqo narrated the funny story to his Instagram fans as he was very surprised and overwhelmed by the fan’s reaction.

The comedian could not believe that he could get such love and attention from his fans.

The hilarious adored young comedian Flaqo is slowly rising to be one of the funniest and sort after comedians in the Kenyan industry.

His comedy style is all about impressions and imitations, which has earned him a soft spot especially among Kenyan family households.

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As his popularity continues to rise, so does the attention the young lad gets from the public.

Just yesterday, the comedian happened to bump into some of his diehard fans.

While he was heading out to perform at the Homeboyz Radio show, he decided to take one of his building’s elevator.

On entering, he had to cover his head as there was a whole family inside the elevator; father, mother, aunt and kids.

One of the children spotted Flaqo and immediately told his mum about it.

“Mum ona Flaqo.”

The dad thought the child wanted to watch some of Flaqo’s 411 videos so he told him to wait for them to get home.

The kid jumped to his dad again telling him,

“Noo dad ndioo huyu hapa.”( No dad, here is Flaqo)

All this time Flaqo was so worried but the reaction that followed clearly caught him by surprise.

The family went crazy and started screaming while showering Flaqo with questions. “Unaishi huku?”

Flaqo narrated how he has never seen adults act like kids before.

The mum jumped and immediately hugged Flaqo while the aunt ran out of breath and fainted.

“The whole family started screaming so loud I panicked. Never seen grown-ups turn into kids. The mum jumped and hugged me, the aunt fainted, na hivo ndo nikachelewa show ya Homeboyz radio, first aid. It was so overwhelming and confusing. I was like Ala! Ni mimi watu wanarukia ivi. I don’t understand.” Flaqo wrote.

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