Shornarwa: Nigerian Men put Cocaine on their Manhoods to get Women Addicted!


Socialite Shornarwa has recently warned women against Nigerian men who allegedly use cocaine on their manhoods to make women addicted to them.

Speaking on Shaffie Weru’s Instagram live, the influencer spoke of how many women fall prey of these men, thinking they provide better sexual experiences than their other counterparts.

Shaffie Weru.

Shonarwa had asked her followers on some of the women’s experiences with Nigerian gentlemen.

In the conversation, one woman confessed that the Nigerian man she has been sleeping with is actually very good in bed.

Some fellow women quickly rushed to counteract this claim. They explained that those men are actually no better in bed than the ordinary guy.

They just have an added trick up their sleeve to help them in luring innocent women.

The lady went on further to explain how they do it.

Apparently, once some of these Nigerian men go to have sexual encounters with Kenyan women, they apply some cocaine powder on the tips of their manhood.Socialite Shornarwa.

The woman’s body absorbs the cocaine making her high and her mind is altered by the drug. The sexual experience goes on while the woman is intoxicated.

The man does this again and again, and just like a normal cocaine user, the woman gets addicted to the feeling she gets from the Nigerian lad.

So when this lady gets involved with any other man sexually, she feels like something is missing. Something different that she used to feel with her Nigerian guy.

The woman is left thinking that Nigerian men are better in bed than her Kenyan brothers.

“You think a Nigerian is good in bed.Good in bed where? Those men take cocaine and apply it on their manhoods. Huyo msichana anadhani anafurahia, she feels like when she’s with other people something is missing. Four women even confirmed it.”

Shornarwa said on the Instagram live.

Watch the video below.

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