“Take one and Marry her !” Bahati Roasts Popular Musician Willy Paul After the Release of His New Song ‘Hold You’.

By the look of things, Bahati and Willy Paul’s beef doesn’t seem to take a halt any time soon. The two celebrated musicians are well known for throwing shade at each other time and again.Recently , Bahati took to facebook to roast the “Yes I Do” hitmaker after the release of his song, ‘ ‘ Hold You ‘

Bahati hit at Willy Paul telling him to get himself a wife and Marry.

” Lakini bro at Willy Paul Msafi , nakutambua kwa ku spot warembo but chukua mmoja and marry her chaukwelii.” Bahati however had a

Willy Paul has previouslyreleased other major hits as ‘I do ‘ which featured Alaine as well as ‘Tam Tam’ in which he featured size 8 . In the songs, Willy Paul spells his desire to have a successful marriage. Bahati’s concern could probably be the reason why the talented singer hasn’t yet bagged a wife at this rate. Could Bahati be brewing beef already with Pozee?

The two are known for their endless online battles. Recently, Toto la Mama boasted to his online community about having written songs for Willy Paul back in the day .

“The days I used to write songs for this small boy . I’ve missed our childhood days bro.”

Willy Paul was however quick to dispute that Bahati ever wrote songs for him.

” So I’m told Bahati mtoto wa mama said that amekuwa akiniandikia nyimbo.Never. What should I tell him ? Anyway that’s me driving with my legs just to pass a little message to that boy.”

In another saga, Pozee claimed that Bahati’s vocals we’re failing him . He beseeched Diana to help her husband instead of spending his hard-earned money.

“Si uache hata Diana aimbe . Diana saidia bwanako .We unataka ulishwe ulishwe .Bwana anapoteza vocals wee uko hapo unakula tu. ”

By the look of things, the two musicians may not put a halt to roasting each other. Willy Paul’s choice to pursue secular as well as Gospel music has brewed controversy time and again .The Controversial singer has always described himself as a musician without categorizing his music.