Takeaways From Game Of Thrones Season 1, Episode 1.

We’ve been waiting for GOT season 8 for a very long time now and the theories are running wild in my head. So I decided, I’ll rewatch the whole series and start organizing my theories from season 1, straight up to season 8. I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be posting these. Just hang in there because they come in spells. Let’s get right to it.

During the first few minutes of the film, we come across a dead stag. A stag is the sigil of house Baratheon, shortly after, they discover a dead dire wolf a short distance away. Notice that the stag was revealed first. This was symbolic of Robert Baratheon’s death. The direwolf is also dead, but it’s only the mother that’s around, it’s safe to assume that the father is also dead. Regardless of this, a direwolf is the sigil of house stark. This is symbolic for Ned and Catlyn’s death. Bran asks his father, “Where will they go, their mother’s dead”. The five baby wolves were symbolic of the Stark children, Ned orders that a quick death would be better for them. This is basically how the Stark children have lived ever since. The Lannisters wanted to see Rob and Arya dead, Joffrey wanted to see Sansa dead, the Boltons wanted to see Rickon and Bran dead. This was kind of foreshadowing the life they would live after their parents died. If I came up with this all those years ago, I would have felt like a genius. Eventually, the wolves are spared, but as we all know, most of them died anyway. Lady was killed by Ned on the orders of Cersei, Nymeria escaped after being chased by Arya, Grey Wind was killed at the red wedding, Shaggy Dog was killed by Theon and Summer and Ghost are the only ones surviving. We’re not counting Nymeria here because she’s technically been useless to the story up to this point. Although her  running away and joining a pack hence living a rogue life kind of resembles the lifestyle of Arya. She left Westeros and went to Bravos. Of all the Starks, she’s had the most unique experience, very similar to her wolf, Nymeria, whom she meets later in the series.

Jon Arryn knew more than we think. I’ve proposed before that Lysa Arryn killed her husband, Jon Arryn, which is true. At the beginning I thought that the only thing he knew was about Robert’s bastards. However, he knew about Jaime and Cersei’s incestous relationship. We hear Cersei asking Jaime, “What if Jon Arryn told someone”. After a short conversation, Jaime responds, “Whatever Jon Arryn knew or didn’t know, it died with him.” Jon Arryn knew a lot more than we think. But it all died with him. Maybe Bran could let us in on those juicy details when he goes into one of his visions.

The crown was a couple of millions in debt, we don’t know this at this point in the series. But all I’m thinking is that Robert is the only one who could put the Lannisters in their place, well, at least he tried to. He couldn’t properly handle Tywin. When they arrive at Winterfell, he wants to go to the crypts, Cersei tries to talk him out of it and to go rest instead. Robert shuts her down and goes with Ned to the crypts. He shut her down many more times, but we’ll talk about those in future episodes.

At minute 32:30 of episode one, Robert places a feather on Lyanna Stark’s hand. Now, this is special because of the teaser that’s been released by HBO. This teaser shows a similar feather falling to the ground and freezing. I’m not sure about the connection, I’ll have to crack it and tell you guys.

Sansa was dumb at this point, nothing new there.

I’ve just come across a unique revelation. This happens at minute 41:46 when Benjen arrives at Winterfell. He finds Jon training and they have a small conversation. Since we have this information before hand, it might not come as a surprise but it might mean more. Jon tells Benjen that he wants to take the black. Benjen critically explains that Jon doesn’t understand what he would be giving up. He says that they have no families and cannot be allowed to father sons. Jon says that he doesn’t care about that. Benjen tells Jon that he might care if he knew what it meant. So, what exactly does it mean? We can take it on face value that not having a family sucks, or we could go deeper and over analyze it. I’ve seen theories suggesting that Benjen knew that Jon was a Targaryen and this further provese that. Benjen knows that Jon is a Targaryen, according to him, Jon is the last Targaryen since only a handful of people know that Viserys and Daenerys are alive, Even Ned didn’t know. It was Robert who told him. Benjen knows that if Jon found out he was a Targaryen, he would realize that the crown is his by right, not that he would care, and that he has a duty to continue the Targaryen lineage. Hence, this is why Benjen didn’t want Jon to join the watch. This could also be why Benjen loved Jon so much. He reminded him of his sister. Benjen wasn’t there when Ned retrieved Jon from his mother just before her death. But Ned could have told him just to ease his conscience about the rumours going around about their sister. This also goes to show how close Ned and Benjen were.

That’s it for episode one. The biggest takeaway with regards to Season 8 is the feather that Robert put on Lyanna’s statue, which is very similar to the one that falls to the ground in the teaser for Season 8.

What are your thoughts on this post and Season one, episode one in general. I’d love to read them. Leave them in the comments section below.

See you in the next post.