Tanasha Donna;”I have forgiven Mwijaku and I’m not enemies with Diamond”

Tanasha Donna.

Diamond Platnumz ex-girlfriend Tanasha Donna has spoken for the first time about how she relates with her baby daddy since their one-year-old relationship came to an abrupt end early this year.

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The mother of one, through a TV show interview, revealed the changes that have been taking place in her life, motherhood, religion, and forgiving Mwijaku, a radio presenter who claimed to have fathered her son Naseeb Junior.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV’s Mambo Mseto, Tanasha revealed that Diamond Platinumz was part of the team that sent served Mwijaku with a demand letter. The singer said that she was not pleased with his actions and through her lawyer, they sent Mwijaku a demand letter.

I filled a court case and sent him a demand letter. Together with the father of my child, we sent him a demand letter and we were about to sue him. We took it very seriously,” she said.

The sawa singer also said that she indeed converted into Islam after one year of deep thought and research on the religion. The singer hinted that her mother was skeptical about the idea of her converting from Christianity to Islam but she later came to terms with it when Tanasha explained to her the reasons for converting.

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Tanasha’s Islamic name now goes by Aisha, a name she chose for herself. Speaking during the launch of her latest hit sawa, Tanasha said it was very wrong for one to claim someone else’s child in public and she also referred to Mwijaku as a “clout chaser”.The hitmaker said she really needed justice to be served but after Mwijaku’s public apology in a press release, she let the matter slide.

It is very wrong for someone to claim another man’s child and a woman you have never met or even spoken to in your life you come and claim that person’s son for stupid clout, I felt that justice really needed to be served. Since he apologised, I let the matter slide. I only forgive if the person sincerely knows they are wrong and apologise, I easily let go ” added Tanasha. 

radio presenter Mwijaku

The former NRG radio presenter also talked about unfollowing the Wasafi family on her Instagram hinting they would have been a constant reminder of her failed relationship with Diamond. She also said they did mend the differences with Diamond and though they are not in a relationship, they are in talking terms as they co-parent their child Naseeb Junior.

I am always on social media because that is where I promote my work. Following the Wasafi family would have taken a toll on me for they would have acted as a constant reminder of my failed relationship so I had to do what I did. By the way, I and Diamond mended our differences and are in good terms. We talk,” disclosed Tanasha. 

Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz.

Last week, the Tanzanian radio presenter Mwijaku called for a media press briefing and made a public apology to the mother of one. According to him, he did not mean what he said about Naseeb and was only making fun since Diamond is his friend and like a brother to him.

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