Tanasha Steps out in Hijab after getting in Trouble Wearing indecently during Ramadhan

Diamond Platnumz’ ex Tanasha has decided to step out fully covered in a hijab after fans went crazy on her for inappropriate dressing in this holy month of Ramadhan.

During this month, Muslim ladies are required to abide by certain strict rules.

The major ones being observing a decent code of dressing and covering of a woman’s hair. You are also to abstain from drinking and eating during the day, engaging in immoral acts and even anger.

Former Nrg host Tanasha, who joined the Islam community while living in Tanzania seems to pay zero attention to any of these guidelines from the Islam community.

It seems to be hard for the new Islam convertee to adjust her clothing and hair preferences to that of her new religion.

Over the past few days, fans have attacked Tanasha questioning her over the revealing crop tops and short clothing that she is stepping out with during this holy month of fasting.

Some fans were bitter by the fact that the ‘la vie’ hitmaker seems to be trying to have the best of both worlds.

Tanasha decided to change her religion while she was still engaged to Tanzania’s King of Bongo Diamond Platnumz.

She even named her son, Naseeb which is a Muslim name.

However, Diamond did not coerce Tanasha into joining him as a Muslim.

Diamond revealed in an interview on Wasafi TV that Miss Donna made the decision by herself.

Of course, he had tried to persuade her to convert as any other good Muslim would do.

He asked a close friend of his to speak to Tanasha about the good things about the Islam religion while convincing her to convert.

But he too was shocked when Tanasha came to him and told him,” I’m ready to finally become a Muslim.”

“Ni kweli tulipokuwa Kigoma Tanasha Donna alibadili dini uwa muislamu na katika hili namshukuru Ricardomomo. Yeye alifanikisha hili. Nilimwambia Ricardomomo ukijitahidi Tanasha Donna alibadili dini, nakupiga kiwanja. Kwa hiyo Ricardomomo alikuwa anampa mazuri ya dini ya Kiislamu. Baadae Tanasha akasema anapenda uislamu kisha akabadili dini.”