Tanzanian Socialite Amber Lulu Launches Campaign to Win Diamond Platnumz’ Heart

Tanzanian born vixen turned singer Amber Lulu has begun an Instagram campaign to win over Wasafi boss Diamond Platnumz’ heart.

Platnumz was recently separated from his fiancée and this makes it an opportune time for the socialite to make her move.

Amber launched the campaign recently by putting Tanzania’s bongo star diamond’s picture as her profile photo on Instagram.

She then uploaded a shirtless photo of the Bongo king while salivating over him.

Lulu stated how much she has been wanting to make Diamond hers and how much she thinks of him.

The singer pleaded with Platnumz to please consider her plea.

“Jamani uyu kaka nimemtamani mtume roho yangu mimi kwanini!!! Nimekuwa na tamaa kiasi hiki jamani. @Diamond Platnumz nifikirie na tamaa yangu.”

‘Jeje’ hitmaker Diamond broke up with his girlfriend of two years, Tanasha Donna, leaving them with a strained relationship.

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Donna moved back to Kenya with their son after the fallout and they are still apart but refuse to talk about the state of their relationship.

This situation has however brought Diamond’s first wife Zari Hassan back to his life.

After going for years without speaking to each other, Platnumz now frequently video chats with his firstborn children Tiffah and Nillan who live in South Africa with their mum.

Babalao Diamond seems to still be ripe in the dating market. He is, however, yet to speak on Amber’s request.

Amber Lulu has also had her share of a wild dating life. She has previously dated Kenya’s legendary rapper Prezzo.

Their relationship lasted for one whole year before Lulu called it quits.

According to Lulu, she left CMB Prezzo since there was no love in their relationship and there was no need to keep wasting each other’s time.

She then decided to focus on her career.

Amber has also previously dated Aslay, Young Dee, Rami Gallis and Barnaba Classic.

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