Tassel Glow

Tassel Glow…

The Tassel Glow!!!! WELCOME TO MY FIRST BLOG!!!!! As you can tell I am super excited. So for my first blog lemme start by saying thank you to Concept World and a big welcome to this exciting and open fashion space. I’ll be posting some fashion tips, experiences and style lessons every Sunday and your feedback is always welcome!

Let’s jumps straight in! Rocking tassel earrings is easy. Mostly because the earrings just blend in with many outfits and themes. You can go from a hot sunny picnic kinda day, to a fashion gala type of day, to school, on that Friday office day without feeling out of place. These fringe like earrings are taking over the accessory scene and is a must-have for any lady. They come in different designs, shape, texture and so much more, accommodating different tastes. I personally like mine chunky and bold.

A wide face goes well with round, big, textured, chunky tassel earrings. Chunky earrings create an illusion of a slimmer face, as it shifts the focus from the face to what’s on your sides. So if you have a bubble gum face like me, chunky is definitely the way to go!

Slim/long faces, on the other hand, look better in drop like and tiered tassel earrings. The earrings flow with the face of the wearer and compliment the face. I would recommend tiered earrings for a more casual/informal setting because it brings out a creative fun aspect don’t you think?

The drop like babies bring out elegance and you can easily switch up outfits from an office cocktail to a Sunday brunch. Such a swift transition is to die for…

To end this blog, I’m just gonna put up a picture of me and how I rocked the tassel glow. In the picture, I was trying to do different shades of blue. Mostly on the darker side of blue. Soooo my outfit was a navy/dark blue kind of shade with gold detail. Thinking back on this day I am really happy with myself. Very happy. Moving on, I didn’t want to go full gold on the accessories because my face beat was really doing the most and kinda felt like the gold detail on my gown was enough. So I picked out a pair of blue tassel earrings with some gold detail and voila! The look was just amazing! Don’t you think?

Anyway, tag me on your tassel glow and I hope you enjoyed my first blog hehe. See you here next Sunday.