The Boys

Definitely one of my favorite superhero flicks. I’ve been desperately waiting for a superhero film that gives you an insight into the lives of ordinary people where superheroes are a norm. It’s definitely not what I had anticipated, but hey, I’ll take it.

I love the way this series is raw and doesn’t shy away from showing things as they are. I’ve heard that the comics are more hardcore, but I’ve not had the pleasure of reading them myself. Off the bad, I must mention that the opening scene where A-train runs right through Robin was kind of epic. Who would expect a series to open with such a scene. You’d expect that there’s a pretty good reason as to why he does it, but no, there isn’t. At least from most people’s perspective.

The portrayal of the heroes is pretty amazing. Unlike most superhero flicks which go to great lengths to make sure their characters have exploitable weaknesses to even out the playing field, The Boys throws this to the trash. The heroes don’t have obvious weaknesses, with Homelander having none, as far as we’re concerned. One could argue that his only weakness is emotional or his newly found son. But if his son is anything like him, then he’s not a weakness since he’s also pretty much indestructible.

The film covers aspects that most other superhero flicks avoid, the love of money, they fame, the celebrity status. This even goes as far as some heroes almost not having any saves at all throughout the series (I’m looking at you deep).

The character arcs are very well crafted. I especially loved Homelander’s character arc. Granted he’s a psycho, but he finishes the film being an even smarter and more in control psycho. Seeing as he started the series seeking Madelyn’s approval, he ends the series by killing Madelyn and freeing himself from her grip all together. I’m curious to see what direction they would take Homelander’s character in season two considering he’ll finally be unhinged and practically uncontrollable.

The characters are often placed in difficult situations. Most superhero flicks would provide their protagonists with an easier way out that leaves them holy and beyond reproach. But not the Boys. I’m dumbfounded when Hughie presses the button and blows Translucent’s guts all over the place. Just to show you that in spite of the characters wanting to do the right thing, they’re not stupid.

The boys is overall a very good series if you’re into superhero films and would 100% qualify for a binge watching session in my book.