The late Tecra Muigai’s boyfriend Omar lali Released from Jail

The late Tecra Muigai’s boyfriend Omar Lali, has finally been freed from jail after being detained for 21 days since early this month.

Omar Lali in police detention.

Omar had been held in police custody, after he was suspected to have a hand in Keroche’s heiress Tecra Muigai’s untimely death late last month.

The police detained him so they could do an efficient and conclusive investigation on the cause of Tecra’s sudden and surprising death.

Omar Lai and his spouseTecra Muigai.

On Monday May 26th, a directive from a court of law in Lamu saw Omari released from his detention.

Principal Magistrate Allan Temba, who was in charge of the case, let Omari go as the police had found no evidence connecting Lali to Tecra’s death.

The suspect also fully cooperated with the police officers as they conducted their investigation.

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The Directorate of Criminal Investigations(DCI) and the Director of Public Prosecutions(DPP) went to the court of law seeking an extension of Omari’s detention for one more week.

Judge Tembe declined to give any additional days as the officers had visited the crime scene three times and did not find anything connecting Omari to the Keroche Heiresses’ death.

Up until her death, Tecra Muigai served as the Strategy and Innovation Director at Keroche breweries.

She met her death on April 23 while on holiday with her spouse Omar in her house in Lamu.

The vibrant Tecra Muigai fell off the stairs and her boyfriend found her bleeding from her nose and ears.

He quickly rushed her to a local dispensary before transferring her to the King Fahad County Referral Hospital.

The 51 year old Omar gave a report that Tecra had been drinking the whole night of her death which led to her accidentally falling off the stairs.

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