The Ultimate Guide: Simple Tips To Grow Your TikTok Following

In this quarantine season when people have a lot of time to spare, Tiktok has become the number one go-to social App. If you don’t have an account, you’ve at least seen some videos making rounds in any other platform. Well, this is for those who already have accounts but barely get any followers. Stop sulking and wondering why bad things happen to good people, here are tips that will guarantee you some more audience:

  • Profile And Video Quality

First things first, deck out as you want to be addressed. You can’t serve kale and expect customers who prefer beef. Your profile should be really interesting and precise. Don’t tire the viewers with long descriptions or confuse them by writing one thing and doing a completely different one. Take your best selfie or a bomb professional picture and have it as your profile picture.

When you post your videos, steer clear of low quality ones. In this age where there are many good and affordable camera phones, trust me, nobody wants to see any poor video quality.

  • Frequent Uploading

After mastering the art of taking great videos, you need to work harder on consistency. Take a look at anyone who’s ‘made it’ in Tiktok and see how regular they post. Keep people checking your account, strategize how to never run out of quality posts.

Mind your hashtags and soundtracks. Do your research, use trending hashtags (as long as they’re relevant) and go for nothing less than the latest hits. That will create the buzz you need.

  • Other Social Media Platforms

Promote yourself! Social media platforms are like relatives who should pull each other up, if not, we wouldn’t need so many. Share your Tiktok videos on other sites like Facebook, Instagram and more importantly, WhatsApp statuses. As a result, more of your contacts will be triggered to see the rest and follow you.

Better yet, the videos will also help you boost the other platforms, talk of a win-win situation. On the downside, you get a bunch of followers while if it’s a good day, you go viral.

  • Engage With Viewers

Only celebrities have the priviledge of having so many followers and following nobody. Until you get there, it’s a scratch-my-back-I-scratch-yours situation. Go through your comment section, reply to any kind comments or compliments, ignore obnoxious ones because they must be there too.

Don’t stop there, go to their accounts, check them out. Like their content and drop an awesome comment. That will give them the motivation needed to come rushing into your space the next time your video is up. Form acquittance with people showing the same thing as you, weave a web of connections. Look for those with an equal number of followers or slightly above you.

You won’t go wrong with is, once you’re done (even if it will take quite a while), your Tiktok following will be boosted exponentially and you’ll have the last laugh.

So there you have it, don’t settle for a mediocre account when you can blow it up and actually even end up earning from it. Let your talent show, it’s time to glow!