The Ultimate Guide: What Is Your Body Shape?

Previously, we had talked about how a dress might look so good on you and totally different on someone else. It all goes down to body shapes. Women are blessed with different body shapes but by the end of the day we all look amazing anytime we dress up. Knowing your body shape helps you figure out do’s and don’ts, which come in handy when dolling up. The main measurements that determine these shapes are the shoulders, bust, waist and hips. There are 5 categories we’ll look at today:

  • The Apple

Here, the bust and shoulders are larger than your hips with an undefined waist. It is also known as the Inverted Triangle.

Women build like this should focus on showing off their legs, highlighting the waist and opting for lower necklines. A-line dresses and high waists are must-haves.

  • The Banana

In this body shape, your shoulders, bust, waist and hips are almost the same size. As a result, you look straight hence the name banana. It is also known as the Ruler, Rectangle or Athletic body type.  The high fashion modelling world have this preference for their models.

Women with this type should lean more on tube dresses and tops. Outfits with belted waistlines are also a great pick.

  • The Pear

Just like the fruit, your upper body is smaller than your lower body. Your shoulders and bust are smaller than your hips with a defined waist. It is also known as the Triangle or Spoon body shape.

If you are in this category, since your waist is already defined, show it off. Go for outfits with well fitted waistlines like the empire one. To balance the silhouette, go for lighter colours on the upper body and darker in the lower body.

  • The Hourglass

From back in the days, this is considered the ideal woman body shape. Maybe that explains why Barbie dolls and most mannequins fall here. The shoulders and bust are almost the same size as the hips, with a defined waistline.

Here, form fitting clothes are the way to go. Since your body is already balanced out, adding too much detail on either the top or the bottom makes it outdo the other. Anything that accentuates your waist is a great choice and you’ll surely look lovely in it.

  • The Top or Bottom Hourglass

These are actually two slightly different body shapes but generally the Hour glass. In Top Hourglass, the upper body is slightly heavier than the lower body but the waist is still defined. The Bottom Hourglass, the lower body is the heavier one.

If you are top heavy you should keep off too many details like ruffles around your bust, probably go for A-line skirts too. In the reverse case, stick to your form fitting outfits, anything that works for an hourglass will easily work for you too.

So there you have it, did you know your body shape prior to this article? If you didn’t, I know now you do and you’ll go for pieces which flatter you best. Bye for now, stay safe and love yourself.