The Ultimate Guide: What’s Your Skin Type?

A celebrity esthetician said “You don’t have to use a lot of products to get great results. You just have to use the right products for our skin type”. You need to know and understand your skin type first before choosing what works best for your skin.
Each skin type deserves a specific type of product but usually people buy any ‘good’ brand they get, forgetting it might not be as good for them. You might have heard people talk of oily, dry, sensitive or combination skin types, where do you lie? Have no idea? Worry not, after this segment you’ll know everything about it, then make the right decision henceforth. Enough talk, let’s get into it:

1. Oily skin

This skin type is the most vulnerable when it comes to breakouts. If you look greasy almost all the time while barely apply anything, or enlarged pores, you probably have oily skin. This type gets blemishes like pimples frequently which worsen due to stress, hormonal imbalance, puberty or when exposed to heat or too much humidity.

To take care of this skin, consider water based products or those that don’t clog pores (noncomedogenic). Avoid scrubbing and use mild cleansers. Take a lot of water, eat healthy food and reduce your intake of salt, sugar, and fried food.

2. Dry skin

Have you ever got out of the swimming pool and after drying up your skin felt tight and non-elastic? Yes, let’s talk about you now. It’s the opposite of oily skin, you have a rough complexion and almost invisible pores. Being irritable, dry skin is vulnerable to peeling, scaling, flaking and itching.

This type can be as a result of genetics, hormonal changes or the weather. To help your dry skin, go for rich moisturizers preferably creams or ointments. Avoid deodorant soaps, long hot baths and showers, and scrubbing while bathing.

3. Normal skin

The best and least problematic skin type. Your skin looks vibrant, it’s not too oily or too dry. There’s no severe sensitivity or breakouts, with pores barely visible.
Since this is flawless, any basic skincare routine should work like a charm.

4. Combination skin

You can walk in a store and have no idea what to buy. Your skin doesn’t fit any of the three definite types. Well, this is the one for most of us. Your T-zone (the forehead, nose and chin) may be oily yet the rest of your face is normal or dry.
To take care of this skin, the safest option is to go for different products for each part.

5. Sensitive skin

Forget the oily skin, this type can show up as dryness, redness, burning or itching. There has to be triggers that make your skin to be sensitive.For this skin, it is wise to first find out what causes it. Might be an allergy or over exposure to a harsh product and so forth.

Always go for products with mild formulations to avoid irritating your skin. Practice ideal skincare routines and all will be well.I believe you know better, bye for now beautiful people.