The Umbrella Academy Season 2

The Umbrella Academy was without a doubt a one of a kind science fiction film. The complex storyline was actually very interesting for die hard Sci-Fi fans. I don’t believe non Sci-Fi fans would really enjoy the show, but hey, I’m just speculating.

Season 2 will presents some unique questions which all need answering.

We all know that season one ended with five transporting all of them back to the past, but looking at how his powers work, the last time he did that, he went back looking as a child. It makes you wonder, when they arrive in the past, will they all still be children? If that’s the case, will five really exist then? Considering he would have covered so much time to get to that point. If they get back as adults, how then would they be able to fix the timeline and prevent the apocalypse?

It’s very interesting to think about this. There are many ways that this could go down. If they get back as kids, all they’ll have to do is train Vanya how to use her powers and problem solved. That’s if they stop giving her a cold shoulder all the time. If they get back as adults, then this might be a little more complex, they’ll first have to overcome their differences and find out a way of convincing Hargreeves that they need to train Vanya. Which, in my opinion, will not be easy.

I’m also looking forward to see if they’ll introduce some of the other babies born on the same day. It would be very interesting to see how they turned out considering they may not have had the training that the Academy gave them. Some of them would be villains and it would be totally awesome to see them facing off against an enemy that can match up to them.

I’m aware that in the comics there are many other villains, I’d like to see those as well. Although what is keeping me waiting for the second season is their unique take on the story. People are not just good or bad, it’s not a fine line. It almost feels real. The complexity within the characters is very intriguing.

I guess we’ll have to wait till 2020 to feast our eyes on the second season of The Umbrella Academy.