Madam Boss took to social media to celebrate her fans for their support all through her musical journey. On her I.G. and Facebook pages the mother to many couldn’t hide her excitement after having garnered 2M followers on her I.G. page.

Akothee’s fans concur to the fact that she is a creative based on the content she shares on her social media platforms. She openly reveals to her fans the kind of life she lives and often mocks people who live a fake life on social media.

Akothee doesn’t shy away from the small fights she picks with her favourite daughter, Rue Baby. She also doesn’t hide the love she has for her dog, Salome. Many fans have desired to be Akothee’s dog in another lifetime.

“Call Police” and “I don’t care” are familiar sentiments that go along with her videos on I.G. On her Facebook page, the president of Single mothers had a word for her fans.

“I remember the days when I had 3000 followers. I saw enough shit on these streets. I begged some celebrities with big names, then, to post my work and they refused but I didn’t die. I kept pushing. Even now there are some hypocrites who still chat me on Whatsapp. They will comment on my wall but never share my content. Now I have 2M followers, don’t even talk to me. I better spend the time I waste chatting with you on WhatsApp to post something for my fans. They are loyal. If you cannot support me in public, usinipake mafuta kwa mgongo wa chupa in private. One word for progressive growth. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.”