Thieves in South Africa use Underground Tunnels to Steal Liquor Worth 1.9Million

Thieves  dug tunnels through underground passways and stolenalcohol whose worth is close to 2 million from a liquor store in Johannesburg. The liquor theft was only realised after the manager of the liquor shop discovered missing liquor on Friday May 29 after accessing his shop in a bid to prepare for sales after the lockdown conditions were eased.

Shoprite liquor shop had been heavily guarded and secured throughout before the sales resumed. The thieves however, avoided the mall’s entrance and tunnelled through the storm water and electrical tunnels to access the store. They therefore bore through the concrete floor into the liquor shop to gain access to the liquor.

It’s however unclear how long it took for the thieves to tunnel through the underground passways and make do with the liquor. CCTV footages however show that the thieves returned to steal a large amount of liquor. The footages also show that the thieves were first recorded on May 21. Only three suspects can be seen in the footage but it’s highly  likely that other thieves were in the tunnel assisting to move the liquor. The burglars made do with very expensive and imported brands of liquor.

The store management has offered Ksh 311,806 to anyone who will help in the arrest of the suspects. South Africa has moved to a risk -adjusted lock-down  strategy consequently, numerous citizens thronged the liquor stores to purchase liquor. The sale of liquor is only to happen between Monday and Thursday . The amount of alcohol which can be purchased at a time per person has also been limited in a bid to curb hoarding of the liquor.

South Africa is one of the counties that has been in the front line to curb the Corona Virus as many measures have been taken to curb the pandemic.The country had entered into a strict lockdown at the end of March. At the moment over thirty thousand cases of Corona Virus have been reported while more than seventy deaths have occurred due to the novel.