Thika Road Matatu Suspected of Malicious Activities

A Kenyan tweep has raised alarm over a matatu plying the Thika road route. The tweep reported hearing the driver of the matatu she was in discussing with a fellow passenger that the people who operate the matatu use it to rob and kidnap their passengers.

The matatu is allegedly not registered under any Sacco and usually carries only one passenger per stage. It is alleged that the matatu is usually parked further from other matatus on the stage. The passenger asked why the matatu has not yet been reported to which the driver answers that it has but the police do not take action, hence, they have resolved to survive with the prevailing situation.

As they approached the Zimmerman stage, the driver showed the passenger the matatu. It is plain and has no Sacco tags assigned to it. Fellow tweeps chipped in adding that the matatu usually stops over at Mountain Mall at Roasters and Homeland stages. Others chipped in with stories of themselves and friends and families being robbed by the said matatu off valuables such as phones and tablets as early as 7 PM.

One user narrated that he was robbed by the matatu operators and forcefully dropped off in the middle of the highway. He, however, took a boda boda and followed the matatu and was successful in recovering his goods. Another narrated how her sister was forced to transfer all her Mpesa funds and robbed of her phone and purse.

What’s more worrisome is that the vehicle registration number has not yet been identified and it may continue reigning terror on unsuspicious citizens who may board it unknowingly. For anyone who may be aware of it, kindly share details about the same with the police, hopefully, action will be taken. See the Twitter thread below.